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Simplify Antiquated Processes to
Serve & Satisfy Demanding Students

Lightico lets your institution onboard prospective students easily in the first interaction. Educational institutions capitalize on student excitement by moving them from curious to completed and paid all in one call.

Reps and staff can effortlessly provide supporting information like course schedules and syllabus in real time to help students decide and sign up for courses. This enables enrollment staff to expedite the most difficult processes for students in real time.

Lightico gives your institution a leg up by making applicant enrollment seamless. By streamlining the application process, acceptance and paid rates improve.

From the First Call, Deliver a Smart Enrollment and Student Services Experience

Slash time-consuming follow-up

  • Collect enrollment forms and applicant identification and grades
  • Share information about courses and events that are suitable for each applicant
  • Process application forms in real time
  • Collect application payments

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