Lightico for Your Face to Face Engagements

Empower your customer-facing teams with digital tools to maximize their precious customer time.

Say Goodbye to Clipboards & Paperwork and Focus on Your Customers

Lightico lets your teams focus on providing the best service and efficient sales by digitizing the completion and collection of forms, signatures, documents and payments - straight from the customer’s cell phone.

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Common Use Cases

  • Your In-Store POS

    Streamline face-to-face interactions with intuitive in-store digital tools at the point of sale.
    Upgrade your stores and replace paper forms and wet signatures with mobile-optimized forms and eSignatures for a simple digital experience.

  • Your Branch

    Maximize the efficiency and improve service of customer branch visits replacing multi-page paper forms, manual document collection and awaiting multiple signatures with in-branch digital eForms, eSignatures and document collection.

  • Your Field Teams

    Maximize efficiency and service quality of onsite visits by enabling your field teams to collect customer information, consent, signatures and payments instantly.

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Higher Conversion Rates and Increased Sales

Effortless face to face sales and service processes shorten cycle times, reduces customer touchpoints and lowers the risk of losing customers during the process.

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Improved Customer Experience (NPS)

Set your business apart. Eliminate the need to print, scan and handle documents and enable customers to easily fill and sign forms, agree to disclosures, provide supporting documentation and payments securely straight from their cell phones for a seamless, simple experience.

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Boost Staff Satisfaction

Your teams want to focus on what they do best. Free up employees from administrative burden to help them work more efficiently, focus on their customers and beat their targets.

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Easily store and access customer data. Collaborative real-time data sync with your existing CRM and back-end systems ensures that all data is automatically updated on customer records and ensures secure, end-to-end electronic customer record processing.

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