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Digital Signatures

Formalizes orders with legally-binding authorization to ensure deals are air-tight

  • Have customer finger-sign documents and orders on their mobile phone instantly.

  • Capture electronically binding signatures effortlessly

  • Record and store digital signatures according to strictest eSIGN guidance.

Collaboration Canvas

Lets reps share custom, interactive pages with prospects (like calculators and simulators) to jointly browse, calculate and create customized offerings to meet their specific needs.

  • Tailor offerings to customers exact needs with collaboration canvases to co-create the perfect offer

  • Ensure that prospect play an active role in the buying cycle to build their commitment.

Documentation Box

  • Capture any customer documentation instantly

  • Eliminate frustrating follow-up-chases by collecting documentation and identification associated with sales in realtime

  • Keep an audit trail and secure record of vital personal details with every interaction

Visual Catalog

  • Share images, videos and links and text with prospects while you speak with them

  • Bring your offering to life with associated images and videos that showcase your value

  • Integrate videos that explain, adds emotion and support your offering

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Instant Payment Processing

Ensure sales are completed in realtime with PCI-compliant payment facilities

  • Secure payments while speaking with customers through customized, secure mobile links

  • Eliminate PCI risks by moving payment processing simply through secure channels

  • Be notified as payment is confirmed to thank your customers

  • Prevent internal fraud by hiding credit card from your agents

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