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Bring the Face to Face Sales Experience
to Every Customer Conversation

When customers are interested in your product or service, Lightico ensures that reps capitalize on even the most limited customer attention and build an even more compelling proposition. By sharing images, videos links and texts, agents can tailor and bolster their pitch within call.

Button-up all sales tasks within the call by tailoring forms, completing orders and processing payments all within the call. That way reps remove point of friction and the threat of losing deals after the call.

Deliver a fully-enabled digital channel to share real-time visualization, complete orders and authorization and deliver a premium experience

  • Showcase value using multimedia
  • Upsell customers with key visualization
  • Complete order forms instantly
  • Sign and process payments as you speak
  • Provide live troubleshooting
  • Offer immediate service via mobile call, chat and collaboration
Lightico helped us serve more customers successfully on the 1st call. In bringing all core sales procedures into the call, our agents are able to close more and close faster. That’s improved our bottom line and our agent morale
Amitai Abraham
CTO & COO, Espresso Club

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