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Top 100

Congratulations to the Top 100 Auto Finance Innovators of 2021


Scott Grosskopf

Senior Vice President

Matthew Colby

Technical Product Owner

Jim Drotman

Executive Vice President

Kevin Cullum

President and CEO

Pete Carey

Vice President

Kyle Birch


Adrian Samareanu

Global Chief Digital Officer

Robert Beatty

EVP, Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Stefan Christman

GM Sales Operations

Craig Stickney

Vice President Corporate Sales

Ross Williams

President and CEO

Denise Brown


Shannon Mokhiber

Vice President, North America Operations

Neeru Arora


Jeki Cohen

CPA | Head Of Innovation


Kyle Dietrich

Senior Vice President of Acquisitions

Reid Rubenstein

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Kane

SVP, Consumer Operations

Tanya Sanders

Head of Auto

Armando Hidalgo

Director of Servicing

Colin Bachinsky

Chief Executive Officer

Dennis Morris

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Brad Noel

EVP Director of Operations

Brian Renfro

Senior Vice President Servicing

David Bertoncini

VP - Head of Auto Lending

Chris Nicotra

Head of Consumer Auto Lending Technology

Shauna Brown

SVP Head of Consumer Lending

Harvey Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Chris Depperman

Vice President of Finance & Insurance Operations

Stephanie Meinerz

Chief Operating Officer

Cyrus Bozorgi

Chief Executive Officer

Sam Errama

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Chuck Blommaert

Vice President of Servicing

Justin Tisler

Co-Founder & CEO/President

Doug Timmerman


Charles W. " Chuck " Jones III

Executive Vice President/DFS Chief Operating Officer

Mary Leigh Phillips


Daniel Gaudreau

Chief Financial Officer

Scott Maybee


William Mitchell

Chief Operating Officer

Andy Clements

Chief Servicing Officer

Ilja Troitschanski


Stephen E Tomasula

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Christensen

Executive Vice President

Sang Kim

VP Risk Management

Eddie Green Sr.

Executive Vice President

Eric Burney

Chief Executive Officer

Charles (Chuck) Berend


Chris Goodman

President / CEO

Anthony Capizzano

SVP, Consumer Lending & Underwriting

Nick Brown

Chief Risk Officer

Michele Rodgers

Chief Information Officer

Rich Black

Dealership Lending Professional

Peter Muriungi

CEO Chase Auto

Tony Kutiper


Michael Bailey

Senior Vice President

Sean Kemple

Managing Director

Giacomo Carelli

CEO & General Manager

Mahesh Aditya

Chief Executive Officer

Marc Womack

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Paez-Gerstenhaber

VP Customer Experience & Operations

Neill Waters

Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer

Ryan Foxx

Head Of Retail Sales

Keishawn Batts

Auto Strategic Partnerships and Business Development Leader

Kimberly Lepesh

Senior Director of National Sales

Brian Donnelly

Executive Director, Corporate Development - Auto Partnerships

Steve Braskamp

Senior Vice President, Financial Services – Auto Servicing

Steven Chiagouris

Managing Vice President

George Bauer


Service Providers

David Knightly

Chief Revenue Officer

Jim Landy

Managing Member

John Lutman

Sr. Vice President of Enterprise Sales

Colton Ray

Chief Executive Officer

Preston Miller

President and CEO

Mark Abrams


Steven Greenfield

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

André-Martin Hobbs


Ace Christian


Kevin Singerman

CEO and Co-Founder

Brian Reed

Founder and CEO

Louis-Philippe Villeneuve


Mark Eleoff

Founder & CEO

Daniel Parry

Chief Executive Officer

Rob Mirra

Chief Revenue Officer

Justin Wickett

CEO and Cofounder

Mike Jarman

CoFounder & CEO

Simon Scalzo


Shaun Sumaru

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Atkinson

VP of Lending

Thomas Szmidel


Pete MacInnis

CEO, Founder & Chairman

Steve Levine

Executive Level Legal and Compliance leader

Gerri Gentry


Ken Luna

V.P. of Strategic Partnerships

Evan Lindbeck

VP Operations

Darren Nelson

Vice President, Originations, Sales, and Marketing

Tina Viens

Senior Director of Client Solutions

Jon Lamb

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Bunch

Head of Automotive Strategy - North America

Ken Kertz

FICO Vice President, Transportation Segment

Joe Rodriguez

VP of Strategic Partnerships and Channel at PayNearMe

Ben Ellencweig

Senior Partner

Scott France

Principal Consultant

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How do I make the Auto Finance Innovators Top 100?
You make the list by getting nominated by your peers who admire you and your contribution to innovation in Auto Finance. It's that simple. Nominations are counted and the list will be compiled based on the volume of nominations per person. As such, Auto Finance Innovators Top 100 is a true representation of the crowd in action and a reflection of who moves, shakes and innovates the Auto Finance industry. You can share this link with your network to encourage them to nominate you.
I Have Been Nominated - How Did You Get My Name?
Individuals appearing on the recent nominees page or the final Top 100 list have been nominated by their peers. One of your peers has nominated you as a Top 100 Auto Finance Innovator via this form, they provided your name and company name.
When will the Auto Finance Innovators Top 100 lists be announced?
The final list of Top 100 Auto Finance Innovators will be shortlisted and published and announced in November of each year. This year the honorees will be announced on November 15th.
Who can I nominate?
You can nominate any Auto Finance professional in the world who you admire and has contributed to Innovation in the industry.
How many people can I nominate?
You can nominate up to 10 people for inclusion in the Auto Finance Innovators Top 100 list. We encourage you to use all 10 of your nominations. Please do not however nominate the same person more than once, duplicates will be excluded.
Are there any fees involved to make a nomination?
No, there are no fees involved in any part of the Auto Finance Innovators Top 100.
How can I tell my network that I’ve been nominated?
Once you’ve been nominated, your profile will appear on the Recent Nominees page and we’ll send you a badge to use on your linkedin, email signature, website and wherever you like. You can share the link to the nominees page as a Linkedin post, email and other social channels by clicking here.
Who Organizes the Auto Finance Innovators Top 100?
Lightico is the organizer of the Auto Finance Innovators Top 100 together with our partner Auto Finance Journal. To find out more about Lightico click here.