Sam Errama

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

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Sam Errama's 20-year mastery of applying SaaS, Data, FinTech, SEO, Marketing, and Sales to multiple global sectors, including the automotive, gold, real estate markets, and industries alike. Sam continues to parallel ROI with Market Analysis for nearly two decades, creating innovative software solutions delivering profit and financial growth to the automotive industry. His laser-targeted behavior techniques utilize data and social science to reach customers and prospects to increase conversion percentages effectively. Sam's execution of his sales psychology expertise has been a critical factor in countless successful software programs. In 2017, he created Pownder®, the most effective, HYPER-TARGETED Lead Generation service available on the market today. After noticing his clients were experiencing financial walls from the credit scoring and banking institutions, Mr. Errama found a need to interrupt, innovate, and revolutionize the financial ecosystem with a patent-pending DeFi lending points system known as Plensy™. He founded Plensy™ to transform the antiquated traditional financial ecosystem, known as the credit score rating, from the current loan processing methodology by offering lending services through the Plensy™ platform. Plensy™ is an entirely different and unique tokenized blockchain method of disrupting the entire financing concept, which removes the traditional way of utilizing a borrower’s credit score to evaluate their potential.

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