Enhance Customer Experience (CX) in Insurance


Shift Agent Time From Paperwork
to Client Relationships

Insurance agents and brokers manage important external client work and the associated heavy documentation to ensure that policy documentation is in good order. In order to streamline these time-consuming back-office tasks, insurance professionals can use easy in-call solutions to explain, process, complete and sign policy documents.

Agents capitalize on their limited client attention to effortlessly gather all documents and forms needed for claims processing and use custom forms and signatures to tailor and authorize processing. That way, even when not face to face, insurance professionals can easily button up policies.

Expedite document collection & signature collection to free time for further prospecting

Lightico’s automaton and salesflows make policy renewals and claims processing a breeze for both agent and client.

  • Capitalize on customer attention to onboard customers remotely
  • Unleash effectiveness by processing claims effortlessly
  • Automate repetitive back office tasks like renewals to free sales rep time
  • Reduce dependency on face to face meetings
  • Slash time-consuming follow-up
  • Instant onboarding
  • Customize form completion
  • Digital signatures on key documents
  • Slash NIGO rates
  • Speed claim procedures

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