GSK Captures Voice of Customer
and Consent in 8 Minutes Using Lightico

8 Mins
Turnaround Time to Consent
Completion Rates


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The company has a contact center strategic priority to collect Voice of Customer testimonials for each product to share with GSK’s internal professionals to show how their work is transforming patients’ lives. To protect patient privacy, and to ensure that the information is only used for the purposes that the patient intends, each customer signs a consent form.

“Since using Lightico, we’ve cut turnaround times of consent form completion down to 8 minutes thanks to the speed and ease of form and signature collection. This program makes employees feel good about the work that they do.”

Vincent Atalese,
Manager of Operations, GSK


GSK’s contact center was looking for a solution to quickly and easily gather consents from patients. The initial process was unwieldy, with lots of back and forth with patients, inflating time and cost, and jeopardizing the use of these valuable Voice of Customer testimonials. GSK required a solution to not only digitize the consent process but to make form filling and signature collection quick and convenient for both patients and agents.


Thanks to Lightico’s Digital Completion platform, GSK’s agents are able to immediately collect consent signatures from their patients while on a call. This prevents patients from abandoning the process without signing, which is more likely to occur when they are asked to go through multiple time-consuming touchpoints after the call.


Lightico’s eForm and eSignature solution is so effortless for both patients and agents that GSK can now collect patient consent in an average of eight minutes. Implementation of the solution also significantly increased completion rates, meaning that almost all collected testimonials can be shared with the entire organization. GSK is now able to share more Voice of the Customer testimonials with the entire organization so internal professionals can feel the positive impact that they make on patient’s lives. This digital transformation is a drastic improvement to both the department’s productivity and the company’s credibility, which can now be replicated across other departments within GSK.

Not only do we see results, the Lightico team is so responsive to our needs and provides expert guidance on how to maximize the use of Lightico’s solution to improve business impact.

Vincent Atalese,
Manager of Operations, GSK

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