Automated workflows simplify every customer journey to optimize business results

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Easily design and adjust automated workflows for entire customer interactions. From initiation to completion.


Speed up customer journeys

Shorten preparation time, eliminate breakpoints, and deliver delightful customer experience.


Bullet-proof compliance

Remove human error associated with manual documentation processes, T&Cs readouts, and proof collection.


Eliminate change time

Allow business users to modify, test, and publish workflows in real time. No coding or employee training needed as business logic changes.


Optimize results

Measure workflow performance across touchpoints and tweak accordingly to boost results.


Easily design digital workflows

Control entire processes with easy drag-and-drop configuration.

All the tools you need in one place

Combine essential customer-facing tools into your workflows:


Set business logic

From simple conditions to complex functions, design each tailored customer journey.

Integrate into your business systems

Use simple webhooks and rich API extract data from any system and activate external processes directly from the workflow builder.


Business visibility

Get visibility into the KPIs that matter most (completion rates, turnaround time).

Easily optimize and adjust

Tweak workflows without any IT resources or bottlenecks.

See How Lightico Can Impact Your Business Results

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