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Replace Tedious Script Reading with Digital Clickwrap

Remove the risk of agent errors, simplify auditing and improve customer experience by replacing agent scripts with instant, in-call legal acknowledgments of the terms and conditions from any mobile device using Lightico’s clickthrough agreements and contracts.

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Features & Benefits


Digital Transformation of Scripts

Avoid tedious, error-prone script reading by sending T&Cs digitally to customers via a text message for them to accept with a simple click - improving completion rates and ease of use while eliminating the legal risk of non-compliance. Note that the solution is full GDPR-compliant.

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Agent Guided Clickwrap

Collect consent and acknowledgments on terms in real-time, while the agent has the customer on the phone. Ensure customers fully understand and correctly accept ToS with agent-guided directions of what to accept and how (e.g., through checkboxes) leading to higher completion rates.

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Improve customer experience with clear, easy, and intuitive ToS and acceptance display from wherever the customer is on any mobile device.

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Automated, dynamic workflows ensure that the correct terms, disclosures, and privacy policies are sent to the customer to avoid human error, reduce non-compliance risk, and simplify agent processes.

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Lightico’s instant consent solution can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing workflows, CRM, agent toolbars, and third-party business applications, so digital consent and acceptance can be synced and centrally stored with a complete audit trail in compliance with GDPR.

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Agreed terms are locked and stored securely on CRM and backend systems with a full, time-stamped audit trail.

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How Instant Digital Consent
Impacts Your Business


Accelerate Time to Agreement
with Instant Consent

Lightico’s Digital Clickwrap Agreement speeds up time to agreement by making it simple for customers to instantly approve T&Cs, privacy policies, contracts, and disclosures with a single click, from any mobile device. This simplicity and speed of approval, streamlines compliance processes, eliminates legal risk, slashes cycle times, and generates higher approval rates.


Improve Completion

Remove the frustration of clunky processes and deliver the speed and convenience that your customers expect. Customers no longer need to listen to lengthy scripts or pre-recorded messages, wait for emails or be redirected to websites and portals. They can simply acknowledge and approve in one click.


Simplify Compliance &
Reduce Risk

Agents will no longer have to manually select the appropriate contractual terms and disclosures and read them out word-for-word. With Lightico’s Digital Clickwrap Agreement, the appropriate documents are automatically selected based on the workflow and sent to the customer’s mobile device in-call for instant acknowledgment. T&Cs are then stored in full compliance with the EU's GDPR.


What are Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)?

Terms and conditions refer to regulations that users must agree to abide by to access a service. Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) are also sometimes referred to as Terms of Service, or Disclaimers when referring to website usage.

What is the difference between Terms and Conditions and a privacy policy?

A Privacy Policy explains to customers how the company will be using their personal information, what measures the company has taken to keep it safe, and how they can exercise their rights over their data.

On the other hand, Terms and Conditions delineate expectations from both the customer and the company. It’s a kind of contract that can manage customers’ expectations, protects the company from legal liability.

Do I need Terms and Conditions?

Terms and conditions are highly recommended for any company that offers a service. By setting clear expectations for usage, companies set the groundwork for banning abusive or spammy behavior. Clauses can even be added to terminate and ban abusive users.

In addition, terms and conditions limit the company’s liability for certain kinds of errors, particularly those that are present on a website.

Finally, terms and conditions often introduce a governing law clause that gives validation from the jurisdiction the company is registered in.

Do digital Terms and Conditions hold up in court?

Digital Terms and Conditions are certainly legally enforceable. But that’s provided that they are conspicuously presented. If they aren’t, a legal counsel can claim that the user didn’t understand what they were agreeing to.

Clickwrap ensures that digital Terms and Conditions hold legal weight. Clickwrap allows customers to actively click a checkbox or button, showing consent on legal contracts.

What is the advantage of using digital Terms and Conditions?

By digitizing terms and conditions, as opposed to having agents read a T&C script out loud, the company saves employees and customers time. In addition, digital Terms and Conditions are more compliant, as they can easily be updated, reviewed, and audited.

What is the difference between clickwrap and browsewrap?

In both terms, the word “wrap” originates from a “shrink-wrap agreement,” in which customers would find a contract with a physical item that had been shrink-wrapped. According to the shrink-wrap agreement, the purchaser implicitly agrees to a set of terms and conditions by opening the package.

The newer terms “clickwrap” and “browsewrap” refer not to a physical object, but to digital agreements.

Browsewrap is commonly found on websites and mobile apps. It’s typically a small hyperlink at the bottom of a webpage that redirects to Terms and Conditions or a privacy policy. However, it doesn’t require the user to take any action. It simply provides legal information.

In contrast, clickwrap requires a user to click a checkbox that says “I agree” in order to consent to a service or move forward with the contract. It also clearly states the specific terms that govern this consent.

How will Lightico enable me to collect consent in real-time?

Lightico offers a digital clickwrap solution for companies that need to quickly and compliantly collect customer consent.

Instead of having an agent read out a lengthy compliance script, customers are sent mobile-optimized Terms and Conditions to read. They can then provide instant consent in one click.

How can Lightico’s Terms and Conditions benefit my business?

Lightico’s digital Terms and Conditions ensure customers fully understand and correctly accept ToS with agent-guided directions of what to accept and how (e.g., through checkboxes), leading to higher completion rates.

Customers can provide consent from any location, removing a common barrier to closing a sale.

And crucially, Lightico uses automated workflows to ensure that the correct Terms and Conditions are sent to the customer, avoiding human error, reducing non-compliance, and simplifying agent processes.

Why is Lightico’s Terms and Conditions capability better than others?

Other providers of digital Terms and Conditions often rely on older technologies, such as PDF and email. This slows down the flow and prolongs time to closure. In contrast, Lightico uses intuitive, mobile-optimized Terms and Conditions that customers can consent to from any location.

Will Lightico be compatible with my existing systems?

Lightico’s instant consent solution can be quickly and easily integrated into companies’ existing workflows, CRM, agent toolbars, and third-party business applications. Digital consent and acceptance can be synced and centrally stored with a complete audit trail.

Is Lightico compliant?

Lightico’s instant consent clickwrap is fully compliant with the decision of Long vs. Provide Commerce, Inc., as well as GDPR.

It is also highly secure: Agreed terms are locked and stored securely on CRM and backend systems with a time-stamped audit trail.

Can I also use Lightico’s Terms and Conditions with email?

Yes. Lightico’s Terms and Conditions solution can be activated via email, text message, or within an app.

How can I integrate Lightico’s Terms and Conditions into my business processes?

Lightico is very easy to set up and use. With remote training sessions, teams can be ready in a few hours (depending on the number of forms and third-party integrations). Business requirements are captured in an initial kick-off call where we create a plan for deployment.

Is Lightico’s Terms and Conditions right for my business?

Lightico best serves organizations, businesses, and financial institutions that need to collect a high volume Terms and Conditions from their customers in real-time. The solution’s value shines when companies need to collect consent fast.

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