Lightico for Your Contact Centers

Empower your agents with real-time collaboration tools to sell and serve customers efficiently, securely and remotely.

Complete Sales & Service Processes in One Call

Enable your agents to sell more and service more efficiently by completing forms, eSignatures, ID verification and payments in real time.

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Common Use Cases

  • Telesales

    Accelerate sales with instant eSignatures, eForms, image sharing, digital consent on T&Cs, and payments — all of which can be completed on a call in real-time. No scripts, after-call emailing, chasing, or IVRs.

  • Customer Service

    Resolve customer requests and queries efficiently and smoothly on the first call whether it’s simply changing customer details or enabling loan modifications with mobile eForms or resolving billing disputes with real-time shared review capabilities.

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Accelerated Sales & Service Cycles

Effortless agent-guided sales and service processes shortens cycle times, reduces customer touchpoints and lowers the risk of losing customers during the process.

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Reduced Call Times

Lightico's customers have seen AHT drop by an average of 33% thanks to agent and customer efficiencies.

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Improved First Call Resolution

Real-time, in-channel, collaboration ensures all sales and service queries are resolved quickly.

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Higher Conversion Rates & Increased Sales

Agent-customer collaboration improves the Lightico’s customers have seen their conversion rates improve by up to 25% and cancellations drop by more than 30%.

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Boost Agent Satisfaction & Retention

Eliminate friction in customer calls and enable your teams to work faster, beat their targets and provide the very best service.

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Higher Customer Satisfaction

Agent-customer collaboration improves the overall experience, giving customers confidence in the brand.

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  • Lightico integrates with most major contact center agent toolbars and CRM including Salesforce, Genesys, NICEinContact, Talkdesk and more.
  • Agents can launch a Lightico session directly from their toolbar or CRM without requiring any additional logins or windows.
  • 2-way CRM sync ensures that all data is updated immediately.
  • Lightico’s user-friendly interface can also be used as a standalone tool.
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