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Streamline Telesales Processes to Boost Conversion Rates.

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Speed-Up & Simplify Telesales Processes

Streamline sales processes and reduce customer regret with visual order summaries and automated workflows that dynamically adjust and configure associated sales elements such as products, subscriptions, fees, discounts and associated T&Cs. Remove needless steps and misalignment that stall sales, causing frustration and post-call cancellations.

The agent creates an order in Lightico’s agent interface. The system activates a smart workflow that dynamically pulls in the relevant assets (such as T&Cs, document and eSign requests) and data based on conditional logic. This workflow gets delivered to the customer’s cell phone in a visual, streamlined fashion.

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Customer receives a text message with <br>a link to their order summary.Customer receives a text message with
a link to their order summary.
Customer reviews and approves a  <br>visual order summary.Customer reviews and approves a
visual order summary.
Customer automatically receives the relevant  <br>terms and conditions for instant consentCustomer automatically receives the relevant
terms and conditions for instant consent
Customer pays securely via  <br>a PCI-compliant mobile interface.Customer pays securely via
a PCI-compliant mobile interface.

Integrates with all Your Existing Systems

Lightico easily connects to your BSS, OMS, Product Catalog, long term retention and other business tools so you can effortlessly collaborate with your customers and deliver exceptional experiences while driving productivity and improving efficiency.

Business<br> support <br>systems


Order <br>Management <br>System


Product <br>Catalog


Long Term <br>Retention

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Features & Benefits


Dynamic Workflows and Logic

Accelerate sales processes by using conditional logic that ensures only relevant and desired steps are included in the sales flow.

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Reduced Agent Decisions

Remove unnecessary agent stress and risk of error that can slow and tinge sales processes. Ensure that agents follow the correct next step, and can focus their attention on customer engagement.

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Visualized & Collaborative Sales

While speaking with customers, agents can visually share, and annotate orders to ensure customers are informed and excited about their purchases.

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Guaranteed Compliance

Workflow logic ensures that required declarations and consent are completed instantly - removing compliance risk and rework.

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Boosted Conversion Rate

Lightico’s customers using dynamic order configuration have seen their conversion and upsell rates improve by up to 20% and cancellations drop by more than 30%.

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Simpler Call Management

Thanks to dynamically configured and delivered workflows, customers see the progress of their calls and agents have an aligned summary - cutting after call work (ACW).

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How Visual Cart Can Impact Your Business


Accelerated Sales & Higher Conversion

By removing sales obstacles, like paperwork and doubt, agents can close more deals, 33% faster. Dynamic order configuration gives agents the solution to actively guide customers through the sales process and remove friction. Thanks to predefined workflows and digital tools, agents can close deals in the first call.



Embed, digitize and simplify all compliance requests – ranging from signatures, consent on terms and disclosures to ID&V and payments to ensure required steps are easy to complete and risk-free for both agents and customers. Reduce agent decisioning, reliance on scripts and customer confusion.


Increase Customer Loyalty & Reduce Regret

Customers are less likely to cancel or return their order when their customer journey is streamlined and intuitive. Collaborative, visual ordering ensures that the customer is aligned with the agent - leading to higher loyalty and reduced regrets.

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