Lightico Supports
Your ESG Efforts

We know that companies like yours are eager to meet the standards set by Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) criteria. We’re here to help you get there, faster.

By choosing Lightico’s digital capabilities, you’re also choosing to be a protector of nature. A stalwart of disadvantaged groups. A model of fair and honest governance.

It makes ethical sense, and also business sense. The companies of the future will be judged not only by how well they deliver a profit to their shareholders, but by the good they do for the world.

The trend is on the rise. In 2018, investors held $12 trillion in assets chosen according to ESG criteria. Just two year later, in 2020, that number jumped to over $17 trillion.

We have committed to standing by the ESG criteria, and supporting our customers in reaching their own ESG goals.

Here’s how.

The Environmental Impact of Lightico

Lightico has saved 112381090 sheets of paper

Here at Lightico, paper is a dirty word. 45% of paper printed in offices ends up trashed by the end of the day, and that’s a real (and preventable) shame.

Our customers and their end-customers love the ease of paperless. We’ve heard the trees are a big fan, too.

Thanks to eSignatures, document collection, and automated workflows Lightico’s platform saves:

  • layer 1

    12,000+ trees

  • layer 2

    Over 7,000 tons of carbon. That’s like taking 1,600 cars
    off the road.

  • layer 3

    2.4 million kWh
    (a measure of energy used per hour).

  • layer 4

    The carbon equivalent to
    2.1 million burgers.

With Lightico, end-customers experience:


location limitations


fewer touchpoints


reduced completion time

No matter who your customers are or what limitations they may have, we help them quickly complete tasks from anywhere.

The Governance Impact of Lightico

Transparent, clean governance is easier to prove when messy paperwork is gone. Digital and secure records are a compliance officer’s dream come true.

With Lightico, companies benefit from:

  • frame11

    Collection of all sensitive customer information from one secure digital environment

  • frame12

    Safe storage of customer information

  • agocxf

    Tamper-proof eForms and eSignatures with audit trail

  • frame14

    Digitized terms & conditions 
(no more recording agent scripts!)

  • frame15

    Higher employee satisfaction (thanks to automated and streamlined interactions)

“Excellent Modern Document Request and Signature System”

This will save so many unnecessary trips to the bank for clients, and save lots of paper and ink for us at the bank. This product is truly a win/win!

“Lightico Product Recommendation”

Customers are able to sign contracts digitally so this saves time and money. It is also better for the environment than using paper forms etc.