Real-time Photo ID Verification

Simplify Collection and Verification of Photo ID

Easy, On-the-Spot
Photo ID Verification

Verify customers’ photo ID instantly, securely and in full compliance using their cell phone cameras – instead of relying on in-person visits, and chasing customers to scan and email ID. This ease and convenience enables businesses to achieve higher completion rates.

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Features & Benefits


Instant ID Collection

Customers submit their passport, driver’s license or photo ID for verification quickly and conveniently from wherever they are - directly from their cell phone cameras.

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Call agents can guide customers through the ID verification process while on the phone to ensure processes are completed instantly and avoiding any customer confusion and errors that can harm completion rates.

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Enhanced Security

Use KBA (Knowledge-Based Authentication) & OTP (One Time Password) capabilities to add an additional layer of security to the Lightico session.

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How Lightico Photo ID Verification
Can Impact Your Business


Accelerate ID&V for
Smooth Onboarding

Stop bouncing your customers around multiple touchpoints like scanners, emails and branch visits to complete compliance requirements.


Fraud Prevention

Protect your organization from fraud with instant, effortless ID collection and verification capabilities.


Enable Effective

Quickly and accurately verify your customer’s identity in accordance with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) requirements.

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