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Lightico makes bulk sending easy. Collect forms, signatures and documents from multiple customers - in one click.

Build, Automate, Send & Manage

Harness the power of scaled digitization to collect forms, signatures, documents and payments from multiple people simultaneously as part of an automated workflow – instead of manually sending out requests to each recipient individually.

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Common Use Cases

  • Lead Generation Campaigns

    Turbocharge your customer acquisition efforts by activating automated bulk lead gen campaigns to qualify leads for eligibility and move them through the funnel faster. Lightico’s smart qualification forms are delivered to customers via a simple text message which can be activated via your website, barcodes, QR codes, text messages or emails to launch full-funnel activities.

  • Customer Servicing

    Serve mass campaigns to your customers quickly by email, text message or on your website to ensure that they can take advantage of all services that you offer. Whether you need to collect additional customer information, automate membership renewals, collect consent forms or offer loan repayment extensions for the holidays, Lightico can ensure that this is done efficiently and effortlessly for maximum completion rates.

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Boost Completion Rates

Achieve 90% completion rates on mass campaigns that require forms to be filled and signed.

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Reduce TAT

Automate workflows for mass campaigns to reduce turnaround times on form, signature, document and payment collection.

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Secure and Compliant

Forms and signatures are collected via a secure, encrypted session and stored securely in the company CRM to ensure that your customer’s documents are safe. There is no risk for wrong emails, lost mail or other leakage.

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  • Lightico integrates with most major CRM, websites, payment gateways, LOS and other systems including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Amdocs, NICE and more.
  • 2-way CRM sync ensures that all data is updated automatically and immediately.
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