Charles Roels

Head of Product

Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom

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A multiple award winning Product builder, lecturer, speaker, mentor, curious mind, idealist. Currently Head of Product at SO-SURE after many years of advising tech startups around UX, product strategy and engagement in Europe, Africa and the US. He contributed to several books, such as Indistractable (by NY Times best selling author Nir Eyal, the author of Hooked) and 99 Tips for Product Managers and laying the groundwork for my own one. He has devised his own Product Approach: RADICAL, as well as a product prioritisation and strategy framework based on the thinking of Prof. Tovstiga. He was a guest lecturer about Product for the students of Brand Communications Strategy at the Vega School (IIE) in Cape Town, one of the top Business schools in South Africa. He spent more than two decades building great products and growing tech startups, both hands on and in leadership roles. I have specific expertise in B2C engagement for mobile apps and more broadly in Product Strategy about which I occasionally speak publicly. He care about working on things that make a difference for real people, and doing so with collaborators who are passionate, optimistic, and really good at their craft.

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