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Congratulations to all 2022 Insurance Innovators


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How do I make the Insurance Innovators Top 100?
You make the list by getting nominated by your peers who admire you and your contribution to innovation in Insurance. It's that simple. Nominations are counted and the list will be compiled based on the volume of nominations per person. As such, Insurance Innovators Top 100 is a true representation of the crowd in action and a reflection of who is innovating and moving the Insurance industry forward. You can share this link with your network to encourage them to nominate you.
I Have Been Nominated - How Did You Get My Name?
Individuals appearing on the recent nominees page or the final Top 100 list have been nominated by their peers. One of your peers has nominated you as a Top 100 Insurance Innovator via this form, they provided your name and company name.
When will the Insurance Innovators Top 100 lists be announced?
The final list of Top 100 Insurance Innovators will be shortlisted and published and announced in June of each year.
How many people can I nominate?
You can nominate any Insurance professional in the world who you admire and has contributed to Innovation in the industry.
Are there any fees involved to make a nomination?
You can nominate up to 3 people for inclusion in the Insurance Innovators Top 100 list. We encourage you to use all 3 of your nominations. Please do not however nominate the same person more than once, duplicates will be excluded. Are there any fees involved to make a nomination? No, there are no fees involved in any part of the Insurance Innovators Top 100.
How can I tell my network that I’ve been nominated?
Once you’ve been nominated, your profile will appear on the Nominees page and we’ll send you a badge to use on your linkedin, email signature, website and wherever you like. You can share the link to the nominees page as a Linkedin post, email and other social channels by clicking here.
Who organizes the Insurance Innovators Top 100?
Lightico is the organizer of the Insurance Innovators Top 100. To find out more about Lightico click here.