Lisa LaCarrubba

Medical Director

Trenton, New Jersey, United States

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Lisa's goal is to support and drive changes in the health care delivery system to optimize the health of the population and the value of medical care. My experience enables me to work across the healthcare system at the insurer, health system/ACO/practice, or the employer group level. Physicians and other providers need to work to transform healthcare delivery to a value-based person centric population health model and insurers need to transform to better support enhanced clinical care. In my current role, I am leading the clinical implementation of a new virtual first, patient-centric, advanced primary care practice. During her career, I have practiced medicine, led a wide variety of clinical initiatives across the healthcare spectrum, and have lead all aspects of insurer clinical management including case management, utilization management, wellness, quality, credentialing and value based clinical care. My current work combines the knowledge of all of these activities to enhance the clinical care delivery system and move away from free for service to true value based care for everyone.

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