Tomasz Kurczyk

Chief Digital and Transformation Officer

I create, build and grow. I help organizations to realize their full potential in the digital age, innovate and create value for customers. As a change agent, I lead complex and bold transformation initiatives that bring people together and position companies as innovators and industry leaders. I create value and impact for organizations by solving strategic problems, seeking and harnessing new opportunities by compounding business strategy, customer focus and technology. In the course of my career, I developed a track record of delivering accelerated revenue growth and efficiencies measured in tens of millions of dollars across multiple geographies and industries. I've been privileged to lead, build and develop large, multidisciplinary, high performing teams and organizations that prize performance, curiosity and creativity to drive outcomes that matter. I am actively contributing to the growth of FinTech and Financial Services ecosystem and fostering innovation in Asia through my involvement in non-profits like Singapore FinTech Association as ExCo (Board Member), Audit and InsurTech committee Chair, mentoring and investing in start-ups as an active Angel investor and teaching about FinTech and Digital. As a public and keynote speaker, I share my passion and experience with the community on topics related to Technology, Strategy, Customer, Marketing, Business Transformation and Digital Business.

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