Robert Savitsky

Full Stack Marketer and Insurtech Podcast Host

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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Entrepreneurial, digital athlete with 10 years of experience in developing and executing both online and offline marketing strategies to connect consumers with products in music and technology companies, and B2B SaaS in the insurtech space. He began my career working at a boutique marketing agency, where I set up and executed strategic radio, arena, print, and online marketing campaigns for film studios, TV networks, and record labels (Showtime, WWE, Sony Music). I then went on to consult for various artists as a manager (Peter Fletcher, The New Surreal), while also overseeing social media, email marketing and online analytics at a record company (artists included Evanescence, Seether, James Durbin etc.) Experiencing the transformation of the music industry from the physical to digital world piqued my interest in technology, and I’ve focused the second part of my career in yet another industry to be disrupted by the internet -- albeit a VERY different one in insurance! I began my career in insurtech at Verisk in a product marketing/content/demand generation combo role developing go-to-market strategies for their extreme event modeling business unit formerly known AIR Worldwide (e.g. CAT modeling, cyber risk etc.), as well as a reinsurance analytics company they acquired in Analyze Re. Eventually, I decided to broaden my exposure across the greater insurtech landscape and shifted my focus from marketing mainly to CAT modelers and actuaries to CIOs and other IT leaders, and joined Duck Creek Technologies. These days I spearhead Duck's marketing efforts to move the industry to adopting evergreen SaaS core systems, while also evangelizing the Duck Creek partner ecosystem -- most notably through the Conversations on the Creek podcast series that I founded and host.

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