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Update: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many of the planned auto finance conferences have been postponed or canceled. Be sure to check the organizer’s website for the latest updates, as the situation is constantly evolving. 

Auto Finance events and conferences are a great place to learn more about the innovation of lending in different aspects of the auto finance industry an improve customer experience in auto finance. They are also a great opportunity to network, learn and showcase business solutions. There are dozens of auto finance conferences occurring all over the world annually. We have curated the conference lists towards what can be considered the definitive list of educational, innovative and impact-full conferences across USA, Canada, UK, and Europe.


American Financial Services Association (AFSA) Vehicle Finance Conference & Expo 

When: March 7-10, 2022, Las Vegas, NV

What does it entail: The American Financial Services Association (AFSA) Vehicle Finance Conference & Expo 2022 is a prestigious gathering bringing together executives, thought-leaders and innovators in the auto finance industry. The conference will focus on key industry trends, compliance and regulatory activities, as well as best practices.

Who should attend: Auto Finance executives and innovators. 


Used Car Week 2021

When: November 15-19, 2021, Las Vegas, NV 

What does it entail: Used Car Week combines four different conferences. It brings together all parts of the used-car industry, such as remarketing to dealer-consignor relations and auto finance. During the event, they will discuss current trends, forecast for the future, and prepare for the road ahead. The four sections of the event: 

  • Pre-owned con focuses on certified pre-owned vehicles and the used car market, using analytics, data, strategies, and tech to provide a big-picture vision. Thought leaders and industry experts will deliver this. 
  • Auto Fin Con focuses on the whole of the auto finance industry. Such as regulatory impacts, fintech issues like AI and other emerging technologies. 
  • Repo Con tackles main points for managing recoveries, regulations and includes questions concerning the new technologies, ideas, and other ways of addressing risk and key industry issues. 
  • National Remarketing Conference provides an area of analysis and discussion that moves the wholesales industry forward. It is focused on business intelligence for motor auto auctions, online auctions, and the technology and service providers.

Who should attend: Auto Finance, Remarketing and Repo  professionals.

Auto Finance Summit 

When: October 27-29, 2021, Las Vegas, NV  

What does it entail: The Auto Finance Summit has previously hosted participants from 1,400+ companies to the Top 25 Lenders. The plan for this event will cover industry trends, strategies, and best practices for risk management, technology innovations, compliance, and regulation. They have an A-list speaker faculty, which includes some of the industry’s experts. The Auto Finance Summit will have attendees with insights and strategies to maneuver in the year ahead.  

Who should attend: Auto Finance executives and innovators. 

American Financial Services Association (AFSA) Annual Meeting

When: October 25-27, 2021, Washington, DC

What does it entail: AFSA  is a national trade association for the consumer credit industry, protecting credit and consumer choice access. The association encourages and maintains ethical business practices and supports financial education for consumers of all ages. The event involves both global and local businesses and what to expect in the coming months. Here businesses have the opportunity to interact with various speakers, panelists, industry colleagues, and policymakers. This event allows businesses to network with other attendees, share best practices, and enhance their customer relations.  

Who should attend: Members of the American Financial Services Association. 


Motor Finance Europe: Conference & Awards

When: October 19, 2021, Munich, Germany 

What does it entail: Motor Finance Europe has leading experts across Europe to deliver key, actionable insights into the latest requirements, technological innovations, strategic developments, and strategies to best implement them into your vehicle financing with maximum efficiency and minimal cost. The event has a day of exclusive presentations, case studies, and debates. The attendees will learn from leaders from KPMG, FCA Bank, and Close Brother Asset Finance to shape their growth strategy, innovation, and reach of new clients post-Covid. 

Who should attend: Motor Finance Executives focusing on the European market.


Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference 

When: August 30-September 1, 2021, Dallas, TX

What does it entail: Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference will celebrate 25 years of achievement by recognizing some of the industry leaders. The program will be split by a few hours of content a day.  Here they will discuss technology developments, compliance issues, and refinements in fraud detections and resolution. Various finance companies and banks spokespeople, and auto dealers will also attend. 

 Who should attend: Subprime and non-prime auto finance professionals, bank representatives and auto dealers. 


Consumer Bankers Association Live (CBA)

When: August 16-18, Orlando, FL

What does it entail: CBA LIVE offers to program for professionals motivated to learn new trends and share ideas with influential decision-makers in the business. At the event, attendees will enjoy 90+ hours of programming, a range of speakers from retail banking, 14 various forums, and networking with senior-level retail bankers and solution providers.

Who should attend: Banking executives, senior banking leaders and auto lenders.

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