FinTech Trade Shows and Conferences 2020-2021 (Updated)

Howard Schulman

Update: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many of the planned fintech tradeshows and conferences have been postponed or canceled. Be sure to check the organizer’s website for the latest updates, as the situation is constantly evolving. 

With nearly every industry in the world transforming and going digital, the financial technology – FinTech- industry is one of the hottest spaces today. Digitalization has completely transformed the world of banking, and 21st century finance is not like anything we have seen before. Keeping up with the financial technology industry is crucial for the growth of any financial institution or for any of the industry ‘disruptors’. This is a compendium of the best trade shows and conferences to keep on top of the FinTech trends.

Digital Banking in a Post Pandemic World

When is the event: September 15th, Virtual

What does it entail: The value of an in-depth, comprehensive event to bring together the greatest minds in digital banking cannot be overestimated––especially during these challenging times. Lightico, Mitek, Voca and CBA have brought together America’s top leaders and experts from companies and banks to share their insights on the most pressing topics in digital banking.

Bankers from Chase, Capital One, Citibank, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America will be in attendance. We are also looking forward to welcoming a diverse array of speakers from esteemed companies such as McKinsey, American Express, JP Morgan Chase, and much more.

Who should attend: Senior-level banking executives, decision makers, and those in the retail and digital banking industries.

Mobile Payments Conference

When is the event: 24-26 August 2020, Chicago, IL

What does it entail: MPC teaches business leaders about the innovative technologies in FinTech, Mobile Payments, and Digital Technology that affects e-commerce, retailers, and banking. Attendees will learn how to use these technologies to benefit their businesses in the long run.

Who should attend: Executives working in banking & finance, payments, government & regulation, technology & telecom, security, B2C, B2B, & P2P, international business, high-risk markets, marketing & consumer experience, or VARs & sales agents

Money 20/20 Europe

When is the event: 22-24 September 2020, Amsterdam

What does it entail: Money 20/20 is the anchor event where leaders, innovators, and disruptors unite to drive change and revolutionize the future of money. The event brings together visionaries and innovators from across the spectrum who are inventing new ways to spend, manage, save, borrow, share and protect money. There is a 4000-person capacity so if you are thinking about attending, register now.

Who should attend: If you are in the payments, FinTech or Financial Services industry, this event could be very useful for you.

FinCon 2020

When is the event: 30 September -3 October 2020, Long Beach, CA or Virtual

What does it entail: Due to COVID-19, the event will take place live and virtual, so attendees have the option depending on their own circumstances. At the event, you will learn how to compose digital content for your personal finance platform and about the best practices with regards to marketing, branding, networking, SEO, and community-building. You will also listen to success stories and advice from experts and content creators.Whether you attend the event live or virtually, the content is all the same.

Who should attend: FinCon is an event for Personal Finance content creators to connect with others like themselves, creating new media about financial topics such as debt, budgeting, investing, and financial independence.

Fintech Junction

When is the event: 21-22 October 2020, Tel Aviv, Israel

What does it entail: This event includes global leaders and decision makers from banks, financial institutions, payment and lending companies, fintech, startups, hubs, accelerators, and VCs from the private and public sectors. Join 1500 attendees and learn about the latest trends shaping the future of financial services including payments, lending, insurance, open banking, cybersecurity, AI, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, regulation, venture capital and much more.

Who should attend: Banks, financial institutions, finetchs, startups, and investors.

Money 20/20 USA

When is the event: 25-28 October 2020, Las Vegas, NV

What does it entail: This year, there will be an expert-speaker lineup with laser focus on disruptive solutions. Main topics include new technology and entrepreneurial talent at the frontline of innovation in a COVID-19 world. There will be exclusive, closed-door networking opportunities to spark change at speed and solve today’s most pressing economic challenges. There is a 6000-person capacity so if you are thinking about attending, register now.

Who should attend: Senior leaders and innovators in the fintech space. This year’s event is being capped at 6,000 attendees.


When is the event: 16-17 November 2020, London

What does it entail: This event offers a unique experience with live tech demos, festival music and craft beer sessions to allow for networking. Connect with tech startups, financial institutions, industry leaders, academia, and influencers.

Who should attend: Reach the decision-makers, budget holders and key players you won’t find anywhere else.

Future of Fintech

When is the event: 16-18 November 2020, San Francisco, CA

What it entails: With 2500 executives and over 50 presentations, Future of Fintech will shine light on the companies, technologies, and trends that shape banking, payments, lending, wealth management, and insurance.

Who should attend: Reach the decision-makers, budget holders and key players you won’t find anywhere else.

FinovateWest 2020

When is the event: 23-24 November 2020, San Francisco, CA

What it entails: There will be five industry stages for the five key topics on defining the future of finance: banking, payments, financial crime, future tech, and SMB financing. See over 60 demoing companies show off their latest innovations and hear from over 120 expert speakers.

Who should attend: Banks, brokerages, card issuers, payment providers, investment companies, insurance providers, and execs/founders of fintech and general technology companies.

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Past Events

Canada FinTech Week

When is the event: 12-15 August 2019, Toronto, Canada

What does it entail: The inaugural Canada FinTech Week brings together executives, entrepreneurs, investors and regulators from Canada, US and across the world to explore the latest in FinTech. You will learn about the latest developments in financial innovation from the likes of the IMF, The World Bank, Google, Citi Bank, IBM, and Interac.

Who should attend: Executives, entrepreneurs, investors, regulators and FinTech innovators.

FiNext Conference USA

When is the event: 29th-30th August 2019, Orlando, Florida

What does it entail: The event will allow you to meet and engage with peers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors from the industry in a fun, learning environment. If you’re a startup, working on the latest and greatest solution in the finance space. This event will provide you the right platform to show off your solution.

Who should attend: FinTech start-ups, SMEs, incumbent tech providers, blockchain enthusiasts, investors, banks financial institutions and other stakeholders.

Financial Technology & Innovation conference

When is the event: 4-6 September 2019, Hollywood, Florida

What does it entail: The event is three days of powerful panel discussions and intensive targeted breakout sessions covering the latest, relevant IT Financial Industry topics. It provides you with the tools you need to address new threats, adopt emerging technologies, and connect with industry leaders. You will listen to expert led sessions through keynotes, panel discussions, case studies and workshops regarding topics such as digital onboarding, challenges of cybersecurity, and the future of CX.

Who should attend: Anybody participating in the FinTech industry, financial institutions, CX directors.


When is the event: 23-25 September 2019, New York, New York

What does it entail: Finovate’s flagship conference showcases the most services and solutions all year: 75+ actual demos, not just pitches. The event emphasizes the importance of networking with lots of dedicated networking time built into the agenda and a smart matchmaking tool in their app. A few topics on the agenda are the banking and payments evolution, digital finance and it’s challengers, using tech for better CX and regtech and open banking.

Who should attend: FinTechs/techs, media & analysts, investors & VC’s, financial institutions, solution providers, SVP/VP/Heads of.

Global SME Finance Forum

When is the event: October 7-9 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

What does it entail: This 3–day event will include study visits to high-performing institutions, a B2B marketplace, FinTech expos, panels, working groups as well as networking sessions and a gala dinner. During the event, they will announce the winners of the Global SME Finance Awards 2019. These awards recognize outstanding achievements of financial institutions and FinTech companies in delivering innovative products and services to their SME clients. They have dedicated networking space available throughout the event and are using a smart matchmaking tool called BRELLA.

Who should attend: FinTech/Tech companies, logistics firms, commodities traders, any SME firms/institutions.

Canada FinTech Forum

When is the event: 21-23 October 2019, Montreal, Canada

What does it entail: The event takes place in order to showcase new global trends in FinTech, new applications of technology for the financial industry, and growing FinTech start-ups. It also aims to facilitate networking and collaboration among financial institutions, technology providers, start-ups and other key players in the financial services sector. There will be 3000+ attendees and over 120 speakers at the event. Lastly, there will be a pitch contest with up to $1M in prizes.

Who should attend: IT, Venture Capitals, FinTech/tech startups, investment analysts, entrepreneurs, general partners in the financial services sector.

Hong Kong FinTech Week

When is the event: 4-8 November 2019, Hong Kong

What does it entail: Throughout the event you will hear from experts in technology innovation, policy makers, top tech investors, CEOs of international tech companies and visionary leaders in financial services industry globally. There will be eight stages, with 250+ founders and executives of Asia’s and world’s fastest growing FinTech companies, virtual banks and digital-only insurers, superapps, AI & blockchain pioneers, payments and lending innovators. The event will also serve as a great networking opportunity.

Who should attend: Executives, entrepreneurs, investors, leaders in financial services, CEO’s in the sector, AI & blockchain pioneers, digital banks/insurers and regulators.

Web Summit

When is the event: 4-7 November 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

What does it entail: The event gathers the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers and heads of state to ask a simple question: where to next? Over 70,000 people will be attending, joined by CEOs and founders of the world’s biggest companies, the most promising new startups, influential investors and leading journalists. The stages cover topics ranging from deep tech and data science to design and environmental sustainability.

Who should attend: Global journalists, investors, startups, CEO’s and founders of tech companies, entrepreneurs.


When is the event: 26-28 November 2019, Cannes, French Riviera

What does it entail: This global event is dedicated to payments, identification and security. You will meet partners and customers, discover new products, meet new suppliers, gain information about the ever-growing FinTech industry, prepare purchases or projects and more.

Who should attend: Banks, payment, institutions & retail, enterprise security & connected objects, governments, citizen
industry, public security, CEO’s, directors, and heads of departments.

London BlockChain Week

When is the event: January 2020, London, United Kingdom (exact date TBD)

What does it entail: With over 3,000 attendees, 66% of which are corporate and investor attendees, core event themes will cover the most pressing topics in blockchain: decentralized finance (DeFi), web 3.0, regulatory challenges, smart contracts and more. There will be a pitch competition where 10 projects will be chosen to pitch in front of a panel of VC judges. 1 winner will be chosen and awarded with free exhibition space at the next Fintech World Wide event. Lastly, there will be a 2 day Hackathon where entrepreneurs, developers and designers will compete to create a working demo over 26 hours.

Who should attend: Corporate and investors, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, those in FinTech, blockchain experts, industry leaders.

Finovate Europe

When is the event: 12-13 February 2020, Berlin, Germany

What does it entail: During this event you will see the best of the Europe’s FinTech through unique, short-form demos. You will be joined by 1300+ senior financial and banking executives, venture capitalists, press, industry analysts, bloggers, regulators and entrepreneurs from across Europe and beyond. 60+ demoing companies will show you their latest innovations live. Each presenter has just 7 minutes – with no slides or video allowed. Topics include innovation in payments, technology in practice, the future of regtech, customer experience, analytics and user empowerment, the changing face of banking and investech and wealth management.

Who should attend: Banking, regtech, payments, customer experience, investech, open banking, venture capitalists, analysts,  and AI.

Documation 2020

When is the event: 17-19 March 2020, Paris, France

What does it entail: The event will cover all issues regarding document and content management. Documation deals with all aspects of the electronic information management, which is one of the top priorities of companies due to the fast development of networks, e-business and interconnected systems.

Who should attend: Information technology professionals like intranet and portals managers, new technologies managers, office automation managers as well as project managers and managing directors.

Empire Startups New York FinTech Week

When is the event: 30 March- 3 April 2020, New York, New York

What does it entail: Throughout the week you will hear from innovators in payments, blockchain, lending, robo-advisors, insurtrech, real estate and more. This conference not only attracts FinTech entrepreneurs but also hosts the investors and service providers that help accelerate startups. The Banking Innovation Round table- a curated group discussion covering open banking, fraud and KYC, applied AI in banking and corporate innovation strategies- will take place during the week.

Who should attend: Anyone in payments, blockchain, lending, robo-advisors, insurtrech, real estate. CEO’s, heads of departments and investors.

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