Insurance Trade Shows and Conferences 2019-2020

Howard Schulman

The insurance industry continues to redefine itself to sell and service the changing needs of its diverse audience. To do so, insurers are investing in Insurtech (insurance technologies) covering a range of issues like underwriting, digitization, optimization and claims processing. Today, every leading insurer in the market is investing in, partnering for, or building digital strategies and solutions in order to better serve customers and make their operations more efficient. This list of conferences covers the key insurance technologies  trade shows and conferences happening. With this rapid digitalization of the industry, its critical to understand and evaluate latest trends, innovations and solutions that can serve as a catalyst for your business.

Insuretech Connect 

When is the event: 23-25 September 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada

What does it entail: The event consists of two and a half days of networking and learning from 250+ of the leading minds in Insurtech. You will understand the mindset of the industry and gain a better grasp of where the market is heading, gain visibility into companies across the full range of stages and strategies and engage with your fellow insurance industry leaders — 60%+ of whom are founders.

Who should attend: Industry executives, entrepreneurs, and investors.

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DKM Conference

When is the event: 22-24 October 2019, Dortmund, Germany

What does it entail: DKM is an international trade fair for the finance and insurance industry which discusses latest trends and innovations in the following main exhibit sectors: Insurance, investment, capital investment, building societies, banks, real estate, supporting services, software companies, InsurTechs, FinTechs, claims adjusters, media, business associations.

Who should attend: Independent brokers and decision makers of the finance and insurance industry, real estate brokers and financial advisors.


Insurance Innovators Summit

When is the event: 13-14 November 2019, London, United Kingdom

What does it entail: The event consists of 9 sessions spread between 2 days. Topics discussed are customer centricity, marketing and CX, digital transformation, whats next for innovation, insurtech strategy, IoT, product innovation, and more. Each session has at least one keynote speaker sharing their wisdom and suggestions with the attendees. Lastly, you will gain access to those driving real change, from C-suite executives to disruptive tech-titans.

Who should attend: C-suite/director level associates, Insurers & anyone involved in insurance technology.


SMA Summit 

When is the event: 4 December 2019, New York, New York

What does it entail: The event is designed to bring the best insurance and technology transformation stories together in an interactive and fast-paced day of inspiring examples of innovation. During the event SMA presents the winners of the Annual SMA Transformation in Action Awards to insurers, MGAs, and solution providers who are rethinking, re-imagining, and reinventing the business of insurance. This years theme is Transformation in Action.

Who should attend: Insurance leaders who’s goal is to become a Next-Gen Insurer, and Insurtech/FinTech companies.


Insurtech Insights

When is the event: 17-18 March 2020, London, United Kingdom

What does it entail: This event is the largest Insurtech conference in Europe with 2000+ attending investors, entrepreneurs and executives from the insurance industry. You will learn how insurtech fits in with your innovation agenda, build awareness by networking with investors and insurance executives, and understand the market/problems you are challenged with solving.

Who should attend: Insurtechs, Insurers, investors, Chief Digital Transformation Officers, Strategy and Growth Directors.


The Digital Transformation of Insurance

When is the event: May 2020, Austin, Texas

What does it entail: This event is built to showcase the best aspects of the digital future of insurance. Dig|In will feature keynotes from the industry’s disruptors and from the industry players that are leading the way with digital strategy. The event will bring you fast-paced live demos from a curated list of the industry’s most progressive technology companies.

Who should attend: Insurance careers, solution providers, Insurtech, consultants, investors.


Digital Transformation in Insurance Customer Engagement & Operational Agility 2020

When is the event: 6-7 May 2020, London, United Kingdom

What does it entail: This event entails case studies, debate and innovative networking sessions. Attendees learn how to utilize latest technology to keep growing their business and developing strong partnerships. Senior level executives educate attendees with end-to-end solutions to enhance customer experience, while improving operational agility.

Who should attend: Industry C-Suite and Director level executives, and those interested in customer engagement/improving operational agility.


Nordic Industry Forum Banking and Insurance

When is the event: 12-13 May 2020, Nacka, Sweden

What does it entail: The conference educates attendees on the latest innovations that are shaping tomorrow’s financial institutions. The event aims to future-proof banks and insurance organizations amidst the rise of FinTech disruptors. Some topics of discussion are finding innovative and convenience solutions in new lifestyle banking platforms and simplifying KYC combined with analytics to build stronger customer relationships.

Who should attend: C-level executives and decision makers, and solution providers.


NAIC Insurance Summit

When is the event: June 2020, Kansas City, Kansas (Exact date TBD)

What does it entail: The Summit is meant for attendees to leave with a greater perspective about the insurance industry and their role in this growing field. You will learn what’s happening now and what lies ahead in the areas of financial solvency, producer licensing, market conduct and more. You will also expand your personal network as you meet insurance professionals from across the country representing a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Who should attend: Associates in financial services, health services, antifraud, producer licensing, and market regulation (mostly c-level’s but can apply to anyone)


Insurance Innovators Nordics

When is the event: June 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark

What does it entail: The event entails speakers from the innovative players in the industry, and covers topics such as open APIs and data analytics, seamless customer experiences, innovation and claims transformation. Last year’s conference brought together the full spectrum of the industry, from traditional insurers and insurtech disruptors, to investors and solution providers.

Who should attend: C-suite executives, disruptive tech-titans, tech innovators, data management executives, and those interested in next-gen customer experience.


Digital Insurance Summit

When is the event: 13-14 July 2020, Chicago, Illinois

What does it entail: The summit brings together digital innovators from insurance companies, agencies, brokers, and insurtechs to discuss strategies to acquire and better serve your customers. You’ll hear from the trendsetters, visionaries, and trailblazers that are revolutionizing the insurance industry. The event will consist of interactivity with over 10 hours of discussion groups, creative think-tanks, roundtables, and structured networking activities every day.

Who should attend: Senior insurance executives from insurance companies, agencies, brokers, and insurtechs.
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