The federal ESIGN Act was passed in 2000, and sets the standards for electronic signatures. The ESIGN Act ensures that electronic signatures are legally valid. This blog post will discuss the ESIGN Act, its requirements, how to ensure your eSignature meets these requirements, and how to get started with electronic signatures.

Why are eSignature laws necessary?

The ESIGN Act ensures that electronic signatures are legally valid. Using a eSignature software like Lightico will help you be sure your eSignature is recognized as legal and binding if it meets all five requirements laid out in the ESIGN Act.

The 5 Main Requirements of the ESIGN Act

The ESIGN act lays out five requirements for an eSignature to be considered legal:
  • the signature must include some type of identifying mark, such as initials or a symbol
  • the signature cannot be one continuous stroke (unless it's in handwriting)
  • the signature must not be a copy of some other individual's eSignature, or you can't use it for identification purposes
  • the signature should not be hidden in any way (such as by being obscured)
  • if there is more than one page to an electronic document, the ESIGN Act requires that at least one esignature of the signer be on each page.

How to Get Started with Electronic Signatures

To get started, download a esignature software that meets the ESIGN Act's requirements. Lightico is one such program and it has free trials available for you to try so you can be sure your electronic signatures meet all ESIGN act regulations before using them in any business transactions or legal agreements.


  • In 2020, there was an 80% error reduction when eSignatures were introduced. (
  • Some organizations show an 85% increase in productivity eSignatures are tamper-proof and should be prioritized in your organizations to make your businesses and customers feel secure when signing documentation. (

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