Leading Insurance Agency Achieves 94% eSignature

Turnaround time
Stip/document completion rate (90% within 1 hour)
eSign completion rate (91% within 1 hour)
a affordable cover


A-Affordable Insurance is an insurance agency based in Massachusetts. It offers home, condo, and auto insurance and experiences a high volume of transactions. A-Affordable needed a more efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective digital channel that could handle signing, document collection and payment in one solution.

Specifically, it was important that the solution be Salesforce-integrated to make usage as seamless as possible for both customers and agents.


Collect documents, stips, and eSignatures, fast

With 20 call center agents and 15 retail officers, A-Affordable needed to digitize their channels. The company was contracted with Docusign for forms and signatures, but found it to be a lengthy process as it required the documents to be uploaded and returned via email.

In addition, Docusign’s platform was failing to meet their needs as the eSignature provider doesn’t offer a way for customers to pay digitally. Instead, customers have to take a photo of their credit card and driver’s license and send it via email. Docusign also mischarged A-Affordable for several years and changed the software, resulting in more clicks being required to complete the task.

To accelerate insurance processes and improve business results, A-Affordable searched for a browser-only solution that would allow customers to easily pay and submit documents from their smartphone or computer in real-time — without having to bounce between multiple channels or use email.

"We needed a real partner that could provide more personalized services and improve our customer-facing processes but was fully integrated with Salesforce to provide a seamless journey."



A sleek, streamlined, user-friendly experience

The transition from Docusign to Lightico went smoothly. A-Affordable could harness Lightico’s overlay template feature to replicate documents created under the Docusign contract, and then keep creating more.

Since signing with Lightico, A-Affordable quickly collects customer forms, signatures, media, payment, and ID for instant verification all in one place. The company considers its partnership with Lightico to be a significant upgrade from its previous contract with Docusign, thanks to the sleek, streamlined experience facilitated by SMS.

“Since partnering with Lightico, we’ve managed to accelerate customer journeys without anyone dropping the ball along the way…the sleek and intuitive platform has transformed our operation.”


Business Impact

Faster TAT and higher completion rates

After partnering with Lightico, A-Affordable experienced significantly reduced turnaround times and higher completion rates, both for stip collection and eSignatures.