A1 Comms Selects Lightico as their Digitalization Partner
to Boost Sales & Customer Satisfaction

10 Mins
Reduction in Call Handle Time
Increased Sales Value Per Call
4 NPS Points
Improved Customer Experience
Greatly Reduced
eSignature Conversion Rate on Extensions


Leading Communications Telesales Team Seeks Innovation

A1 Comms is a leading business communications services and solutions provider, delivering mobile phones, broadband and landline packages to consumers and businesses across the UK.

The company sells from a range of networks requiring stringent compliance processes in order to complete every sale. Sales are predominantly processed via their website and both inbound and outbound calls from their contact centers.

Although the company is renowned for providing excellent value and exceptional customer service, some of the existing compliance processes were causing call times to balloon, creating sales challenges and damaging customer journeys.

“We are proud of our close partnership with Lightico. Their technology has made an incredible impact on our operations, bottom line and customers. Our collaboration is anchored in the combination of a strong business relationship and their unparalleled technological capabilities. We look forward to driving more business growth together.”

Matthew Way,
Head of Operations & Delivery A1 Comms


Cumbersome Compliance Processes

A1 Comms’ telesales process required contact center agents to read out lengthy scripts of Terms & Conditions for the customer to verbally approve for compliance.

That process was cumbersome for customers and contact center staff resulting in long call handle time, customer and agent frustrations and agent errors  leading to the risk of non-compliance.

As a result, these challenges hurt agent efficiency, inflated costs and could potentially have damaged the brand. To build on A1 Comms significant existing successes, a digital solution was required to enable regulatory requirements for customer consent to be met, while delivering a great
customer experience.


A Fast, Intuitive, and Compliant Sales Journey

A1 Comms implemented Lightico’s solution to streamline the entire sales journey and ensure regulatory compliance with an intuitive customer experience.

Using Lightico’s technology, agents build an offer in real-time according to the customer’s needs and share a visual summary of that offer with them via a text message link for instant approval, reducing customer misunderstanding, average handling time, and post-purchase issues and queries. Once the customer approves the order on their mobile phone, Lightico’s automated workflows ensure that the relevant terms and conditions are automatically selected and sent based on the offer for digital consent by the customer with no requirement for agents to read significant ‘legalise’ verbatim. This significantly reduces the risk of manual error, improves regulatory compliance and prevents agents from losing the rapport built up with customers, as they would otherwise have to read unnatural or complicated terms and conditions.

How it Works

Agents create an order using Lightico’s visual basket capability. Automated workflows ensure the corresponding terms and conditions are sent to the customer for consent, once the order summary is approved.

Business Impact

Since adopting Lightico’s Digital Completion platform, agents no longer have to spend their valuable time reading out the terms and conditions. As a result, agents invest their new-found time in increasing sale value and providing a better customer experience – positively impacting A1 Comms’ NPS scores and reputation as a leader in the communications industry. Thanks to the speed and ease of Lightico’s mobile-optimized workflows, average handle time (AHT) has been reduced by 10 minutes with a higher sale value per call. As a result, sales processes are more efficient, the risk of compliance errors has been reduced, and A1 Comms has further strengthened its reputation for providing an excellent customer experience. The company is now looking into expanding Lightico’s digital capabilities to further use cases.

Since implementing Lightico’s solution, we’ve been able to significantly improve sales efficiency. Thanks to the visual basket capability and automated workflows, agents are able to complete higher value deals in less time with full compliance. We’re proud to be working with one of the most innovative technologies on the market to deliver a world-class customer experience to thousands of customers across the UK.

Matthew Way,
Head of Operations & Delivery A1 Comms

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