Arrowhead BMW Switches to Lightico for 100% Secure and Streamlined eContracting and Document Collection

Leading BMW Dealership Replaces Docusign with Lightico to Sell More Cars and Stop Fraudulent Purchases


Premium Service for a Premium Dealership

Arrowhead BMW is an approved BMW Dealership based in Glendale, Arizona that prides itself on world-class sales & service experience. As a reseller of premium vehicles from manufacturers such as BMW, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover, the dealership is constantly looking for ways to maintain exceptional customer experience, while remaining secure and compliant.


The Challenge: Fraud & Slow Manual Processes

Before using Lightico, BMW Arrowhead was using incumbent eSignature solution Docusign to collect signatures, but did not have a secure and streamlined way to collect customer documents or verify identity. Documents were being collected by email or direct messages which was inefficient and insecure. This resulted in delayed eContracting times and a restricted reach of in-state deals to reduce potential risks.

The dealership required a secure and reliable eContracting platform that would integrate with the BMW dealership system, while allowing lenders to provide more funding for both in-state and out-of-state deals.


The Solution: Streamlined, Secure Digital eContracting

Arrowhead BMW decided to implement Lightico’s Digital Completion platform for BMW Approved Dealerships. With Lightico, the dealership was able to complete fully compliant eContracting with customers at unprecedented speed and security on and offsite. Additionally, the platform offers unique features like eContracting, identity verification, document collection, and customer consent in one seamless solution. With Lightico’s automation, the dealership not only boosted its efficiency but also reinforced its compliance.

Arrowhead BMW has incorporated Lightico to streamline several processes like requesting documents such as proofs of residency, income, and drivers license, in addition to issuing eSignatures on Credit Card Authorizations and filling out various forms including applications, waivers, and state-specific forms. They also utilize Lightico to provide customers with brochures about packages they offer, including tire and wheel protection, windshield protection, and GAP waivers. Through the platform, they can securely and conveniently collect and verify documents, complete contracts, and verify customer identity. To top it off, Lightico’s user-friendly nature is beneficial for both staff and customers. For each car brand, their platform has unique custom branding and messaging.


Results: Sales Completed in Minutes with Zero Risk

Arrowhead BMW saw instant results after streamlining their eContracting process with Lightico. Completion time for eContracts decreased significantly, allowing customers to get funding faster. 82% of eSignature session requests are completed within just a few minutes straight from their mobile phones.

On the fraud prevention side, Arrowhead BMW have experienced zero fraudulent processes since implementing Lightico’s ID verification solution.

By adopting Lightico, the dealership has significantly digitally transformed its operations — improving efficiencies while bolstering security. As a result, Arrowhead BMW recommends Lightico to all BMW dealerships worldwide.

Since implementing Lightico, we’re able to close more deals faster whether on-site or remotely with 100% security. Banks are more likely to accept out-of-state deals and are faster to turn around funding. Our customers love the buying experience and flexibility at Arrowhead BMW.

kim roland

Kim Roland, Director of Finance, Arrowhead BMW