See how Vizolution helped O2 improve customer retention by 20%, reduced drop offs by 31% and improved customer satisfaction by 27%.

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Customer Satisfaction Improvement
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O2 has over 25 million customers in the UK and is one part of the huge Telefónica global family. With a big presence in Spain and Latin America, Telefónica and its brands cover 25 countries in total. Other brands include Movistar, GiffGaff and Vivo (Brazil).

O2 is a powerful UK brand now recognised for far more than just mobile phones. From Priority, a digital loyalty scheme exclusively for O2’s customers, to O2’s sponsorship of the world’s most successful entertainment venue, The O2, and even Think Big, O2’s award winning sustainability programme, it’s no longer just about phones.

"I’ve been really impressed with the collaborative approach Vizolution have taken, in particular taking the time to really understand our requirements and our business..."

Head of Customer Service


O2 partnered with Vizolution with the aim of improving their customer upgrades and retentions journey.

Two key pain-points that were causing customers to drop off were quickly identified:

  1. Customers were often frustrated as they struggled to understand complex bundles.

  2. The verbal reading of compliance scripts was inflating call lengths by 40% and left the potential for agent errors.


Vizolution deployed our platform to make it easier for O2’s agents to explain products and meet compliance regulations:

  1. Customers were shown a summary of their deal on screen and offered upsell options like insurance, helping them to understand their purchase and encourage completion.

  2. Agents displayed T&Cs to the customer and collected electronic acceptance. This eliminated the need to verbally read scripts, and built an audit trail that proved compliance.


O2, in partnership with Capita, implemented Vizolution’s technology which enabled them to transform a standard call centre call into a visual experience.

This was achieved by using technology accessed via a simple browser that enabled agents to show, share and sign documents whilst on the call with the customer.

They then used this insight to shape the solution to support our shared objective to make the joining process even easier for customers."

Head of Customer Service

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