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Deliver Compelling Sales & Service to Every
Prospect, Just Like You Would If They Came
Into Your Retail Locations

Telecommunication are leveraging their brand and customer knowledge to build customer loyalty and opportunities. To activate the potential of these relationships, telcos are adopting innovative solutions that empower them to deliver this same branded, effective experiences to customers - no matter where they are.

Whether an incumbent, an ‘’over the top’’ or web competitor, the ability to extend conversations and improve service and improve ARPU are key to continued success. Telcos are building relationships with customers from afar and using mobile conversations to deliver impeccable service and create upsell opportunities.

Captivate Customers With Innovative Offerings, Even When They are On The Go

  • Share images and videos of their newest products
  • Process order forms, service requests
  • Remove retail burden by planning and deflecting simple, repetitive issues (like bills, bugs and product questions)
  • Create instant renewal and upgrade opportunities that replace ‘lowest price’ offering with higher- value relevance and simplicity’’ offers
  • Cultivate relationships with perspective subscribers (regardless of their carrier) through new communication channels
  • Deliver new services and features to your subscriber base

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