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eSignatures are becoming more widely used in numerous industries every day. They replace the heavy, tedious paperwork necessary to complete transactions to make the lives of both the business and its customers much easier. As a result, there is no longer a need for scanning, faxing, or mailing paperwork with handwritten signatures. And with a more simple and convenient way to collect signatures, there is reduced turnaround time, greater efficiency, and improved security and compliance, all while providing a better customer experience. There are so many eSignature platforms out there that get the job done — some more advanced than others. So, it is important to have a complete guide on what to look for when selecting an eSignature solution. New call-to-action

5 Things to Look for When Selecting an eSignature Solution

  1. Instant

With Lightico’s eSignature solution, users can instantly send and receive signatures in real-time via text message. Customers and agents simply draw or type their signature once and then tap to insert their signature in the required places. This shortens the time required to complete any process, making it more time- and energy-efficient.

2. Legal and Secure

When dealing with money and high-value transactions, it is vital to have the most legal protection to avoid any issues. eSignatures today are legally accepted after the ESIGN Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act were put into place. These both give electronic signatures the same legal recognition as traditional handwritten signatures. But, when looking for an eSignature solution, you should look for one that works to prove the eSignature was signed by the right person with true intentions. With Lightico, any activity inside the session is time-stamped with a complete audit trail to eliminate any legal risks. Additionally, secure solutions ensure your documents cannot be tampered with by creating a digital fingerprint. If there are any red flags, the agent will take action. Lightico uses photo ID verification technology to avoid identity theft by having the signer upload a live selfie and a form of photo identification. With biometrics and AI technology, the two photos are compared and verified.

3. Able to Integrate With Existing Systems

Next-generation eSignature platforms have numerous benefits, including the fact that they can be easily integrated into companies’ existing systems. Common integrations include existing workflows, CRMs, agent toolbars, third-party business applications, and agent call center toolbars. These types of solutions, like Lightico, can also be white-labeled with the company’s brand for a seamless customer experience and a way of branding.

4. Agent-Guided

An agent-guided eSignature solution makes the eSigning process much easier for customers. The agent talks to the customer through the mobile form and signing process over the phone to ensure everything is completed correctly the first time around. While the phone call is going on, the agent has a simultaneous live view of the customer’s forms, allowing for an extra pair of eyes to check the document.

5. Location-Independent

With this feature, you can eSign your documents on-the-go, no matter where you are. This speeds up processes and avoids the inconvenience of email, snail mail, or in-person visits. Plus, since people can complete forms anytime, anywhere, completion rates rise. So, agents can spend less time chasing customers for missing information, and more time improving the customer experience for all. Along with this eSigning process also comes mobile-optimized eForms. Mobile-optimized eForms are documents that fit on the screen of a mobile device as opposed to a computer. As a result, when completing an eForm and eSignature on-the-go, you do not need to be tied to a computer or printer. All you need to do is sign with your finger on your mobile device, again, no matter where you are.

Choosing an eSignature Solution Means Choosing a Full Platform

Choosing the right eSignature solution is very important because at its best, it enables a full customer journey. No matter what industry you are, or the size of your business, eSignature solutions are there to help you ease customer experience, which in turn results in more sales, profits, and benefits for you. Learn more about Lightico’s next-generation, customer-first eSignature solution, as well as its capabilities in eForms, photo ID verification, and more at New call-to-action

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