Auto lenders are often in need of eSignature software. This is because e-signing can help speed up the process of auto loan approvals for people who cannot come into a branch and sign their paperwork. However, many auto lenders do not know what eSignature software to use or how they work. This is because e-signing technology changes so quickly. Auto lenders should know that eSignatures are legally binding and can cover all types of transactions – including auto loans. eSignatures also help auto lenders save money because e-signing is quicker and requires less manpower.

The next thing auto lenders need to understand is what eSignature technology they want their employees to use at the workplace. Electronic signature software is broken up into two types: desktop or mobile e-signing technology. Desktop e-signing software requires that the user be at a desk and have their own computer to sign documents digitally (either by using an app, email attachment, fax machine). Mobile e-signing tools are great for employees who are on the go, as they do not require that users be at a desk to e-sign documents.

This blog post will highlight five different esignature software that you might want to consider when looking for an eSignature solution as a business owner or financial institution!

What is an eSignature?

An eSignature is a type of digital signature. Electronic Signatures are digital equivalents to handwritten signatures and can be used electronically as a legal signature. eSignatures can be applied to any digital document that traditionally requires an original handwritten or printed signature like loan terms, paper contracts, a loan application, or even any other legal document. eSignatures are commonly used by auto lenders, banks, insurance companies, ecommerce and more to digitize transactions, such as loan approvals for people who cannot come into the branch and sign their paperwork.

You can use eSignatures for:

– Signing loan agreements quickly and easily from your home computer

– Signing loan origination packages or loan modification packages

– Filing documents electronically with the government instead of printing them out and mailing copies in yourself

– Signing contracts digitally in e-commerce transactions

– eSigning documents to be sent remotely and securely

E-signature software is a great way of cutting down on paper use. It can also cut down the time you spend signing papers in person or by mail, because everything happens digitally. eSignatures can also help auto lenders process loans faster and more efficiently.

Top 5 eSignature Software for Auto Lenders

eSignLive: eSignLive is a cloud-based e-signature software that can be accessed on the go with phones, tablets and laptops. eSignLive allows you to quickly e-sign documents from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

Lightico eSignature: This is a great cloud-based electronic signature solution for auto lenders because of its security options. The Lightico e-signing platform can be accessed from anywhere with the use of internet and it also offers secure cloud storage that encrypts documents before they are sent to avoid hacking or loss. This means your car loan officer can approve loans anytime of day or night without having to come into the branch. Lightico is a great e-signature software for auto lenders because it covers loans and also documents from other industries, such as insurance or banking.

Docusign eSignature: This is a great electronic signature technology for auto lenders because of its versatility. It allows the user to attach an eSignature as an email, fax or upload it through their website and share with other people in your network. Docusign eSignatures are also legally binding which means e-signatures are the same as handwritten signatures. eSignature software can also be used by car loan managers to e-sign documents from other industries, such as insurance or banking when they have clients with those businesses.

Adobe Sign: Another e-signature software that auto lenders might want to consider is Adobe Sign. This e-signature software can be accessed on the go with a phone, tablet or laptop and it also offers secure cloud storage for documents. One of the best features of this esignature software is its ability to e-sign documents in languages other than English as long as the user has a keyboard for that language connected to their device.

HelloSign: This e-signature software has been around for a while and it shows because it’s easy to use, reliable and fast. eSignatures are legally binding and e-signing documents can be done in one click. This e-signature software is great for auto lenders because it offers a variety of different formats to e-documents, such as PDFs and Word Documents.

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