Organizations change every day. Whether it is change in leadership, change in direction or change in culture, it is important to be ready for change at all times. That's where change management comes into play. This blog post will cover the 4 steps to successful organizational change adoption so that you are always prepared! It is important to note upfront that change management as a discipline has evolved and matured over the past quarter of a century. Prosci research tells us that for changes to be successful, we must prepare, equip and support individuals moving through change so they successfully adopt change. Without adoption, change will not be successful and organizations may not deliver on the desired outcomes. To change our organizations, we must change the things that make us unique as humans: how we think about change, what causes resistance to change and why some individuals are not ready for change until much later. We also need to understand where change is headed so leaders can identify changes needed in their own organization's culture. The change management process is the bridge between change theory and change implementation.

The four steps of change management are:

#1 Preparation:

This step includes defining the change, gathering input from key stakeholders and developing a change plan.

#2 Equipping:

In this step, individuals who will be impacted by the change are equipped with the tools to change their mindset and behaviors.

#3 Supporting:

This step focuses on enabling individuals to successfully change, by helping them through any challenges they may face during the change process.

#4 Adopting:

The final stage is for leaders to reinforce new behaviors with training, coaching and feedback so that people adopt change as part of who they are now. Without change management, change will not be successful and organizations may not deliver on the desired outcomes. Organizations that have a change process in place are much more likely to achieve their goals than those that do not have one! Change management is an essential part of change adoption for any organization looking to improve its effectiveness through change.

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