COVID-19: Salesforce Customers Can Serve Their Customers Remotely, Safely and at No Cost through May 1

Gaby Young

Many of our Salesforce customers also rely on face-to-face customer interactions to sell and service their customers. Unfortunately, with the spread of Covid-19, it is no longer possible to meet customers in person.

Effective remote operations

Lightico is helping businesses using salesforce who need to quickly adapt to this new reality by enabling them to collect customer paperwork –– like forms, signatures, IDs, and payments –– remotely, simply and safely (without the need for site visits, paperwork, or printers). With Lightico for Salesforce, this is done through a session sent via text message directly to a customer’s cell phone.

Adapting to the new remote reality

To help businesses adapt in these challenging times, we are taking upon ourselves to get businesses that are serving a high volume of clients equipped to service their customers remotely and quickly: our success team will get businesses up and operational within 72 hours.

Can this help?

If this would be helpful to your business, find a time to speak with our team about getting set up quickly for remote business here.

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