The automotive industry is highly competitive, and auto lenders are constantly looking for new ways to stay ahead of the game. The process of buying a car has changed significantly in recent years with more and more people shopping online. As digital technology continues to evolve, auto lending companies have adopted innovative technologies such as eSignatures, document collection, and identity verification via mobile devices. These advances will not only change how we view auto loans but can also help brands and dealers make actionable decisions, further improving the overall customer experience.

eSignatures and Auto Lending

Digital technology has already changed how auto lenders work. For example, eSignatures allow auto lenders to accept loan contracts and other documents electronically without the need for physical signatures from customers. These digital documents are stored securely in a solution that auto dealers can access with just one click.

Mobile Document Collection

Digital document collection is another innovation companies have adopted in recent years. Auto lenders can now collect auto loan documents via mobile devices and then process the customer’s information digitally. This also eliminates issues like lost paper contracts in transit, misplacing stips or documents of original auto loans applications, or failing to maintain copies at all times due to tight storage space.

ID Verification Made Simple

Verifying an auto customer's real identity is essential in mitigating fraud.  Leveraging simple, yet secure technology to verify a customer's ID in real-time using a mobile device sounds futuristic, but it's already be used by a number of forward-thinking companies. This new and innovative way of verifying auto loan applicants’ information eliminates the need for customers to constantly re-prove who they say they are when applying for an auto loan. The auto industry will continue to change as digital technology evolves. These technological improvements, like eSignatures, document collection via mobile devices, and social media identity verification, not only affect auto lending but also improve the overall customer experience. The auto sector is highly competitive and auto lenders are constantly looking for new ways to stay ahead of their competition; these advances not only affect auto lending but also improve the overall customer experience.

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