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We hope you’re getting excited for our upcoming live virtual summit, Digital Banking in a Post-Pandemic World on September 15, 2020. We’re delighted to be joined by Bill McNulty, Operating Partner, Capital One Ventures. At the Summit, he will be speaking on the expert panel, AI, ML & Innovation to Improve Customer Experience. Read on to get a sneak peek of what you can expect to get from Bill McNulty’s speaking engagement at the Summit, and why it can’t be missed.

Why Innovation Is Critical to Banking CX––Now More Than Ever

Customer expectations for better digital banking have skyrocketed in the past couple of years. Then the coronavirus came along, and digital transactions went to being a strong preference to a necessity practically overnight. In an age when customers are more reliant on digital technology than ever before, AI and machine learning can help banks take the final step towards full automation of routine processes, greater personalization, and more streamlined experiences. Bill McNulty, a panelist at the Digital Banking in a Post-Pandemic World summit, will share his insights on the topic of banking innovation gleaned from decades of work at some of the top banks and institutions.

Meet Bill McNulty: An Entrepreneurial Executive Supporting Some of the World’s Most Innovative Fintechs

Bill McNulty founded Decision Tree Media, Inc. in 2001 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and President. He is an Operating Partner at Capital One Growth Ventures. He helps Growth Ventures’ portfolio companies succeed with Capital One. He fosters cooperation between Capital One’s businesses, tech groups and ventures team. He is also responsible for developing relationships and investment opportunities in the mid-Atlantic region. Bill McNulty joined Capital One in 2013 as an Entrepreneur in Residence. For his main assignment, he led the product team that built and launched Capital One’s Spark Business mobile and online banking apps. Prior to that, Bill McNulty spent seven years in Chase Securities’ Mergers & Acquisitions group in New York and London and also served as its Vice President and Financial Services Specialist. For five years, including two and a half years as a Vice President, he focused on the financial services sector. At Chase, his responsibilities included providing strategic advice to senior executives of client companies, leading and managing deal teams, and negotiating M&A transactions. Before Capital One, he started two fintech companies that served Fortune 500 financial services companies. He organizes the DC Fintech meetup and is an Advisor to fintech industry groups. Bill McNulty holds a BA from Princeton University.

Ready to join Bill McNulty and other industry leaders at the Digital Banking in a Post-Pandemic World Virtual Summit on September 15th? Register now!

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