Vizolution is thrilled to announce that we've been nominated in not one, but two categories at the prestigious ECCCSAs 2020!

Firstly, we've been nominated in partnership with BNP Paribas for the Best Innovation in Customer Service category, in recognition of our work transforming the service-to-sales customer journey in insurance.

As part of its digital transformation strategy, BNP Paribas wanted to increase upsell opportunities of individual insurance products during service calls to the contact centre. By implementing Vizolution's technology, agents could turn a typical service call to the contact centre into a visual, interactive and engaging sales experience. As a result, BNP Paribas saw a 34% increase in conversions, a 52% improvement in compliance and a 50% reduction in cancellations of policies.

Our second nomination was is in the Most Effective Business Transformation Programme in Customer Service, where, in partnership with AIB, we have been recognised for enhancing AIB's remote financial planning journey.

AIB's direct customer financial planning journey would typically take place in person, either at the client's home, or in a bank branch which would be either inefficient for the customer or for the business. As part of a drive to enable its customers to access superior online, remote functionality, AIB partnered with Vizolution to deliver 'Screenshare - AIB Advice Service' where customers and agents can exchange information and participate in a convenient and efficient remote financial planning session.

The project achieved a 250% year on year growth in income performance, 50% more cases were being handled per week compared to branch advisors, and 30% of the '2019 Top 10 National Advisors' were from AIB's Financial Planning Remote division.

Now in it's 20th anniversary year, the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards is the largest awards programme in the customer contact centre industry, with organisations from 24 countries participating in 2019, and 1,300 people attending the awards evening.

Vizolution has a track record of success at the ECCCSAs, having received the Highly Commended award last year for our work transforming RBS's mortgage journey into a 100% paperless process, and in 2018 we picked up the Bronze award in conjunction with O2, both in the Best Innovation in Customer Service category.

The ECCCSAs 2020 awards evening was originally due to take place in November 2020 at Evolution in Battersea Park, London, but due to COVID-19 restrictions has now been rescheduled for Tuesday 16th March, 2021.

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