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Lightico, together with partners Mitek and Voca, is thrilled to announce our first Digital Banking Summit, slated to take place on September 15th, 2020 online. The theme is “Digital Banking in a Post-Pandemic World.” It will be attended by over 200 US-based bankers who will take part in over six interactive sessions with expert panelists and speakers, plus surprises along the way.

Why a Virtual Summit?

The value of an in-depth, comprehensive event to bring together the greatest minds in digital banking cannot be overestimated––especially during these challenging times. The coronavirus pandemic has allowed us to explore new formats for events, enabling leaders and experts from companies and banks around the world to share their insights on the most pressing topics in digital banking. While we won’t be able to engage in person, we are excited that the show will still go on! Bankers from Chase, Capital One, Citibank, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America will be in attendance. We are also looking forward to welcoming a diverse array of speakers from esteemed companies such as McKinsey, American Express, JP Morgan Chase, and much more.

The Imperative to Fully Digitize Banking in a Post-Pandemic World

The coronavirus has accelerated digitization trends in banking like never before. Seemingly overnight, digital banking went from being a nice-to-have to a must. Protecting customers and bank employees meant moving to fully remote transactions for many activities that were previously conducted in-branch. Lightico surveyed customers early on in the pandemic and found that half would avoid taking out a loan or other important banking activity if it required going to a physical branch. Loan deferments, modifications, and initiatives such as the Payment Protection Program––critical to people’s livelihoods––had to be processed quickly and efficiently. This meant shifting to automation and doing away from manual data entry under tight timeframes. Though social distancing restrictions are being lifted in many states and jurisdictions, customers are in no rush to return to face-to-face banking. Lingering fears of virus transmission, as well as new-found interest in digital banking’s convenience benefits, means that bankers must prepare for a truly digital future. This will be the focus of Jake Levant’s (Lightico) session, the “Consumer Temperature Check” as well as the expert panel’s session. In addition, the coronavirus has led to a surge in online banking fraud. Fraudsters are taking advantage of coronavirus-related fears with phishing attacks masquerading as coronavirus information or help. Synthetic identity theft is also a growing problem, which will be the focus of Sanjay Gupta’s (Mitek) session.

The Agenda

Here’s a taste of the jam-packed agenda filled with sessions on the latest industry trends, actionable insights, and a live Q&A on the future of digital banking at the end.

SESSION 1- Consumer Temperature Check: What Are Consumers Looking for in Banking Today

Jake Levant, Forbes Contributor, Tech Adviser & VP Communications, Lightico

SESSION 2- Identity Theft: Do you have a twin you don’t know about? It’s called a synthetic identity. Let’s talk.

Sanjay Gupta, VP Global Head of Products and Corporate Development, Mitek

SESSION 3- Expert Panel: The Unexpected Catalyst: How COVID Digitized Banking at Warp Speed

Piyush Sharma, Shep Hyken, Rich Corriss, Anna Hrushka

SESSION 4- Fireside Chat: Combating Fraud in Banking: An FBI Special Agent's Game Plan

Cassi Chandler, Former Vice President Bank of America & FBI Special Agent Moderated by Dan Smith, Consumer Bankers Association

SESSION 5- Expert Panel: AI, ML & Innovation to Improve Customer Experience

Federico Berruti, Sanjay Gupta, Avi Lousky, Elad Hoffman

SESSION 6- Live Q&A: Banking in 2021 - The Future of Consumer Banking

Cassi Chandler, Alex Jimenez, Dan Smith, Zviki Ben Ishay, Einav Itamar

Ready to Register?

We can’t wait to see you at Lightico’s digital banking summit! Register now to save your spot on September 15th, 2020 (12:00pm ET, 9:00am PT). New call-to-action

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