There are many different ways to improve the FNOL claim experience, but it all starts with understanding what makes a great customer experience. A great FNOL claim experience depends on the insurance company and customer being on the same page; when it’s fast and easy for a customer to collect and communicate key information to their insurance company, their information will be more accurate and the insurance company will be able to process their claim more quickly. Below are 5 steps that every claims process should include in order to improve your FNOL workflow:

Step One:

Provide customers with an online contact form so they can send you documents or upload photos without having to scan them or mail them in.

Step Two:

Ensure that there is always someone available by phone to answer customer questions and help them through the process.

Step Three:

Make sure that the customer has all of the information they need to complete their claim, including what documentation is required and where to find it.

Step Four:

Work with the customer to make sure they understand the process and are comfortable with what needs to be done.

Step Five:

Follow up with customers when they submit claims to make sure that their information was received and process the claim quickly. With these steps in place, your FNOL workflow will improve. Working this way ensures accuracy, speed, and ease of use for both you and your customer - making it a win-win situation! To learn more about  FNOL workflow improvements, click here.

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