Infograph: 10 Scary Sales Call Statistics (how to fix them)

Jake Levant

Lightico shares 10 scary sales call statistics gleaned from millions of contact center calls. These statistics highlight the underlying issues that both sales teams and customers face when trying to transact: sales teams are not technologically equipped to effectively sell customers who are on their cellular phone.

Here are some of the key take-aways from the 10 scary sales call statistics:

Sales still happen over the phone. While many customers evaluate and consider alternatives over the internet, sales are instigated and culminated over the phone.

Sales calls are less effective than before. It now takes twice the effort to reach prospects as a decade ago. Customers are no longer sitting at desks in office environments – they are on the go with their cell phone.

Sales calls that redirect to other channels, lose. Sales professionals that rely on other media channels lower their likelihood of closure dramatically. Each redirect (to websites, emails, payment facilities) can reduce closure rates by 10s of %

Sales professionals are bogged down by non-sales activities. Only 33% of sales time is spent selling. The vast majority of sales efforts are now wasted performing routine back-office tasks, email chasing or – worse – checking the fax machine for signatures.

Sound frustrating? There is a better way.
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