Lightico Client Guide: Ensuring PCI-Compliant Payments With Staff Working From Home During COVID-19

Gaby Young

Enable Your WFH Staff to Collect Customer Payments Quickly, Securely & Remotely.

Lightico is here to support you as you navigate your business and customer needs during this time of difficulty. This guide is meant to serve as a resource where we’ll share features that can address potential payment challenges brought on by social distancing, staff shortages, staff working from home and communications barriers.

Lightico adheres to the strictest regulatory requirements and enables your business to do the same, easily – whether your staff are working from home or from the office.

For more information on our commitment to your business continuity during COVID-19, please see our statement here.

Call Center Agents and Staff Working from Home

During recent weeks businesses have had to adapt their workforce to a work from home environment to keep staff safe and healthy amid coronavirus. However, call center agents and staff who work from home without the right provisions in place expose the companies they work for to significant risk. While in the past, credit card information would be collected from customers without software in place, that was contrary to PCI regulations and is no longer acceptable. Today’s companies must find ways for work-from-home agents to process PCI-compliant payments from their homes –– or face the consequences.

As a Lightico customer, you have access to an intuitive PCI-compliant solution that’s perfectly suited for today’s WFH call center agents – allowing you to keep your workforce healthy and your customer’s credit card information secure, all while ensuring business continuity.

How Lightico’s PCI-Compliant Payment Solution Works

Your staff and call center agents can request payments from customers in real-time via the Lightico agent console in two simple steps:

  1. From the agent console, select Tools, Payment.

2. Input the required amount and select the currency and click Send Request

The Customer then receives a text message which opens a secure collaboration room and instantly completes payment details without exposing payment information to the agent and the payment is processed securely with a fully compliant audit trail, transaction ID and receipt.




Payment Details Are Hidden From The Agent

While the customer is completing their payment details, the agent is not exposed to what the customer is typing. The customer’s payment is processed securely, ensuring that the transaction 100% PCI-compliant, even though agents are working from home.




After the payment has been received, Lightico stores the receipt, audit and payment information for compliance and easy future reference. This mobile-optimized, agent-guided model is proven to deliver significantly higher payment conversion rates than traditional systems.

The complete process is shown in the video below.

The solution integrates with existing gateways and plugs into workflows and CRMs using APIs, ensuring that your existing systems can continue running with zero interruption or additional changes.

Lightico’s secure payment solution can be operational within just 48 hours, allowing you to transition their agents to work from home quickly and securely.

Download the Datasheet

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