As a Lightico customer, you have access to a set of tools to help you continue to service your customers through efficient deployment of SBA’s PPP loans.

Lightico supports lenders navigate the enormous pressure to serve the high demand to deploy PPP funds quickly. This guide is meant to serve as a resource where we’ll share how others are using it to execute critical PPP customer-facing activities brought on by social distancing, staff shortages, staff working from home and communications barriers. Please contact your Lightico account manager or support if you need assistance in using these features. If you are not yet a customer click here to book a time with an advisor to see which options are available for your company.

Features & Integrations

These recommended features come standard with Lightico. They can often be easily integrated into your existing systems like LOS or CRMs with either out-of-the box integrations or our RESTful API.

Secure & Compliant

Lightico adheres to the strictest regulatory requirements and enables your business to do the same, easily – whether your staff are working from home or from the office. These standards include PII controls, ISO27001, SOC2 and more click here to view the full security document.

Common Use Cases

Common PPP execution includes a simple preparation of the standard application form with mapping fields (Lightico’s service team can help with this to get you started faster) and building a wizard for streamlined document collection. This process will enable you to collect standard legible and completed forms from thousands of customers at once. There is an ad hoc process for more tailored and unique scenarios. To facilitate these, this guide describes how to obtain eSignatures on forms, how to prepare forms for easy electronic completion and how to collect customer documents instantly.
  1. Obtaining eSignatures and Completing PPP forms & documents

a. Template Creation of Core Documents b.Ongoing eSignature/eForm Execution

    2. Document Collection to Ensure Compliance and Prevent Fraud

1. How to Obtain eSignatures from Customers on PPP Forms & Documents

In order to process loans, lenders may need to offer their customers the ability to sign on their loans terms. With Lightico, the related paperwork can be completed and signed quickly and effortlessly via the customer’s mobile phone – no printing, scanning or mailing required. Many of our users have reported over 90% eSignature completion rates. Following an initial template creation, collecting eSignatures on forms and documents remotely, at scale can be done in minutes.

Step 1: Create Document Templates

In order to fully maximize the benefits of Lightico, agents share PDF templates with customers which are converted into mobile-friendly eForms. Documents can be directly uploaded from their file browser or agents can use predefined, pre-built pdf templates stored in Lightico’s system. These are usually static documents that are part of the business workflow, which need to be populated with customer/service information and then sent for customer review and signature. These can be categorised and assigned for different team privileges from within different folders. Once created, these are known as ‘assets’ in the Lightico system. Here is how to upload a PDF template, design it with different fields and elements, and populate it with attributes. Uploading a PDF to Lightico
  • Go to Shared Items in Settings.
  • Create a new folder by clicking on Add Top Category, alternatively, select the sub-folder you want to place the document in.
  • Click on the upload icon.
  • A new window will open.
  • Click on the upload icon and select the relevant pdf from your pc.
Building a PDF Template A new window will open with the document in the toolbar ready for use. Select the elements from the following options:
  1. Signature
  2. Corporate stamp
  3. Initials
  4. Signature date
  5. Text
  6. Digits
  7. Date
  8. Drop Down list
  9. Checkbox group
  10. Radio Button group
  • Click on the element. It will appear at the top of the pdf document.
  • Drag to the required space in the document
  • Continue adding elements as needed.
  • Click Save
Below is an example of adding a signature and date field to a PDF to be signed by customers.

Step 2: Ongoing eSignatures & eForm Completion

Using the template you have created, the form is now ready to be sent out to customers for signing. The agent or representative simply sends the customer a text message with a link to a secure session where the forms and documents can be shared with the customer. The customers easily reviews, fills and signs the document on their cell phone with simple finger swipes. Once signed, the document is then locked, viewable and stored with a fully time-stamped audit trail and available for the agent to view and download. This can also be completed as self-serve via your website, mobile app or by email. The customer process is shown below:
  1. Customer receives a text message with a link to the document to sign.
2. Customer reviews and signs and signs the document with a finger swipe.

2. Collect Customer Documents to Ensure Compliance & Prevent Fraud

Now, more than ever, stips, documents and IDs need to be collected quickly and effortlessly from remote customers. Instead of waiting days to receive poor photocopies of documents through the haggard postal service, with Lightico, you can send your customers a super-quick and easy link to upload a photo of their documents from their phone. Here’s how you can use Lightico collect customer documents and ID quickly: Collecting Customer Documents: Agent Screen
  1. Click on Tools then Document Request.
  2. Select the document to collect from the list or use the Search function to find a specific document.
  3. Click Add. Click Send Request.
  4. The customer then takes a photo of the document, or uploads an existing image from their phone as shown below.
Providing Documents: Customer Screen On completion, agents will be able to download and review the document and store it digitally on the CRM. Lightico’s solution can be operational within 48 hours, enabling your financial institution to fulfil thousands of PPP applications this way, efficiently, securely and remotely. For clarifications about how to apply these capabilities in your business, contact your Lightico account manager. If you are not yet a customer click here to book a time with an advisor to see which options are available for your company.

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