Vizolution has been included in the 2013 FinTech 50 Watchlist, a shortlist of fifty companies in Europe that are redefining financial services through technology, other companies included Zopa, Thunderhead and the Funding Circle. The list, a collaborative project by The CEO Agenda, ICON Corporate Finance, Hotwire, Silicon Valley Bank and Fox Williams, is the first of an annual exercise to track one of the fastest moving sectors in technology. The inaugural FinTech 50 Watchlist is based on the expertise of the Watchlist Panel, ten industry leaders from across the financial services and technology industry. The panel selected the top companies in financial technology that demonstrate the potential to become a game-changer. Being included on the FinTech 50 Watchlist is a notable achievement for Vizolution which was only formally launched in January of this year with its screen sharing technology vScreen. vScreen was piloted by three of the largest banks and two of the largest insurance companies in the UK. It enables call centre staff and advisers in banks, building societies, insurers and the larger firms of financial and mortgage advisers, to demonstrate their products on the client's computer while working from their own office, providing a visual element to what otherwise would be a verbal call. During the pilots, vScreen improved sales by over 20%, achieved through greater engagement of the customer by using visuals, including slides, calculators and illustrations. Added sales improvement resulted from the elimination of breaks in the sales process through the use of vScreen's electronic signature functionality and the secure delivery of documents. vScreen also improved customer satisfaction by over 90% by providing a more engaging and entertaining process for the customer and had significant compliance benefits. FinTech50 is described by Icon Corporate Finance, who hosted the awards, as "A tribute to a hot and highly enterprising sector that is redefining the future of financial services. The FinTech50 Watchlist recognises the movers, shakers and downright disruptive technologies that, in our panel's view, will be the ones to watch this year." Bill Safran, CEO of Vizolution says, "Being recognised as a company that is going places in the FinTech 50 Watchlist is a real recognition of the impact that Vizolution and vScreen is having now, and is likely to have, on the financial services sector. "Our screen sharing technology is already revolutionising the way that banks, insurers and advisers do business. With the Mortgage Market Review launching just next April and increasingly stringent rules regarding how we interact with clients, it is increasingly important to ensure that the customer understands what they are buying and that the provider has a visual as well as a verbal recording of the conversation." "Adding to that a significant increase in sales conversions and it is a win-win situation for both the provider and for the client."

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