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eForms are just like a typical paper form, except instead of being a physical copy, it is an electronic version that can be completed digitally. They come in multiple formats including fillable PDFs, on-premise clients, and cloud-based platforms, but all have the ability to provide a paperless experience. The most high-tech eForms are mobile-optimized, allowing customers to provide information instantly from anywhere. Most of the eForm growth is seen in financial services (banking and insurance), healthcare, and government offices.

About eForms

What is an eForm? An eForm is an online document that replaces the need for an old school paper form. It captures, validates, and submits data to a recipient for processing and allows data to be transmitted electronically. As a result, customers can complete the form-filling and sending process in one shot and from any location. eForms are a pivotal component to digital transformation for any industry because they improve experiences for both the customer and the business. When eForms are put into place, not only do they ease customer experiences, but they also eliminate costs of printing, storing, and distribution, reduce turnaround time, and reduce NIGO (not in good order) percentages of old-fashioned forms. Furthermore, customers tend to take their time and efforts elsewhere if a signing process becomes too complicated. So, eForms are necessary to keep customer retention high and ensure all forms are filled out completely. Without eForms, agents no longer have to waste time hunting down customers for forms.

Mobile-Optimized eForms

Mobile optimization is the process of altering your website content to enable visitors direct access to the site from their mobile devices with an experience customized to their device. Optimized content -- in this case, eForms -- is user-friendly because it easily flows back and forth between a desktop and mobile device while remaining easy to read, no matter the size of the screen. With mobile-optimized eForms, the lives of customers can still go on. In other words, wherever customers are, whether it be in a car, out in the town, or at home, they can still complete an eForm on their cell phones. Before mobile-optimized eForms, customers had to wait until they had access to a computer with a PDF reader or had to go to a physical location to complete forms. As a result, companies had to wait even longer to receive customer information needed to move on with the sales or servicing process. To avoid the risk of losing customer interest or having customers forgetting to fill out forms, they need mobile-optimized eForms. In reality, it takes even more time for agents to track down customers for signatures and information than it would to fill out a form from a cell phone. New call-to-action More industries are becoming aware of the benefits of such eForms and are beginning to adopt newer technologies. With Lightico’s mobile-optimized solutions, these industries are experiencing positive results from both the business and customer sides:


Banks can collect and verify documents in real-time, accelerate the application process, co-view agreements and documents, and increase integration throughout the company. This results in an onboarding process that is 33% faster, an abandonment rate decrease by 67%, and a conversion rate increase by 25%


Insurance companies are able to instantly collect forms, signatures, and photographic evidence for claims, automate the workforce and enable self-service, increase integration throughout the company, and provide a seamless experience for customers. As a result, the average time to settle a claim is 85% lower, touchpoints per policy decreased by 60%, and customer satisfaction increased by 15%.


Healthcare organizations can collect patient information, eSignatures, and approvals, complete payments, automate claim and amendment processes, and increase integration throughout the company. Consequently, turnaround times are 33% faster, touchpoints per patient are reduced by 60%, and everything is 100% secure and compliant.

How Lightico eForms Work

It’s easy for companies to transition from traditional forms to Lightico’s eForm solution. Contents of existing paper or PDF forms can quickly be converted into a digital format, making it easy and effortless for customers to fill out the form from their smart form. Here’s how it works:
  1. Customer receives a text message with a link to a Lightico session, which contains the eForm.
  2. Customer effortlessly types their information into the fields on their cell phone.
  3. Customer reviews, signs, and submits the completed form back to the agent in real-time.
  4. Updated information is synced with the CRM and the eForms are stored securely with a time-stamped audit trail.

Benefits of eForms

With digital transformation becoming more popular, businesses are always searching for new ways to improve. Digital tools like eForms, eSignatures, and digital ID and Verification all work together to transform a business for the better. All of these aspects, eForms specifically, get rid of customer frustration and tedious paperwork for all parties involved. Some benefits of Lightico’s eForms include:
  • Location-independent: Customers can effortlessly fill-out eForms from their mobile devices, no matter where they are. This speeds up the process and creates a more convenient experience.
  • Synced with your CRM: The eForm solution, along with your current CRM, uses two-way sync data and has a full audit trail.
  • Agent Guided: Agents are readily available in real-time to help customers complete eForms correctly the first time, thus increasing completion rates.
  • Omnichannel Self Serve: eForms can be integrated with all customer touchpoints (call center, website, IVR, Alexa, or in-store POS device) so customers can complete forms quickly and by themselves.

Why do Businesses Want eForms?

Not only are eForms easier for customers, but also for businesses. They make your business a more user-friendly environment, making customers want to return and share their positive experiences with others. Such positive feedback draws in new customers, while also retaining loyal ones. Some ways Lightico’s eForms impact your business:
  • Accelerating sales and services: The simplicity and convenience of signing forms reduces errors and the risk of losing prospective customers.
  • Improve NPS and simplify onboarding: Rather than requiring heavy paperwork or slow PDF forms, eForms allow customers to effortlessly complete any required information on-the-go from a mobile device.
  • Agent guided: Using agent-guided collaboration to confirm that customers get the experience they expect, at any location.
  • Better workflow: Teams work faster and better when customers are satisfied.
The introduction of eForms has taken digital transformation to a whole new level. The switch from heavy paperwork, handwritten signatures, and PDFs to mobile-friendly eForms simplify transaction processes for all. Businesses and organizations that implement Lightico’s eForm solution eliminate time-consuming work and witness higher customer completion rates and satisfaction. Learn more at New call-to-action

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