Forms are a necessary evil for any business. They can be time-consuming to set up, they take away form of the convenience that customers may have had before signing up with your company, and more often than not, people fill out form fields incorrectly. But don’t worry! Form automation is here to save the day.

In this blog post, we will discuss what form automation is and how it can help you make your forms simpler for both your customer and yourself.

What Is Form Automation?

Form automation is the process of making form creation easier, faster, and more accurate. It does this by automating form fields to your specifications, rather than having to manually fill out form after form for every new customer that you get.

Form automation works by setting up rules or ‘if then’ statements that tell forms what kind of information they need to ask for. For example, if someone ordered a “large” coffee, then the form should ask them what kind of milk they want (soy, almond, or dairy). If someone orders an iced cappuccino instead, then they’ll be asked how many pumps of sugar-free syrup to put in their drink.

This way you can avoid form fields that you don’t need, and minimize form errors.

For most businesses, form automation is essentially the creation of digital versions of your paper forms, including:

  • Applications
  • Surveys
  • Contracts
  • Work orders
  • Internal company records (e.g., financial reports)
  • Client-facing documents (e.g., invoices)

Online forms can be automated, so there’s no need to write anything by hand when you simply open or create the form you need on a computer or mobile device and have it completed electronically.

You can make your paper forms appear to be real, but the computerized versions usually take less time and effort. The software providers provide the applications for this as well as other functions.

Benefits Of Form Automation

Form automation has several benefits. We’ve broken them down for you below.

  1. Form automation fields are usually filled out more accurately and efficiently than paper form fields. This provides a better user experience for you and your customers. In the event that there is a form error, it can be corrected with ease right away instead of waiting for someone to respond to an email or phone call about the error. This also means you get your data faster which is especially important if there’s a tight deadline on it!
  2. Form automation software makes it easy to update your forms with any changes that need to be made without having to print out the form and redo every single field by hand. This is especially true if you need to add form fields. Processing is much faster with the help of form automation.
  3. Form automation software helps you collect form data in bulk without having to worry about how the form might look on paper, whether or not it’s efficiently laid out and easy to read, and so forth. It also means that you don’t have to pay someone else a lot of money just for them to manually enter form data into your forms for you.
  4. When form automation is used, it’s easier to store form results over time so that they can be referenced later on if necessary. This makes organizing and finding information about customers much more efficient than trying to find all of the paper files that are scattered throughout an office.
  5. Form automation reduces time spent on filling out repetitive information so employees can focus their energy on more important tasks within a company.

So, what are you waiting for? Combine eForms with other completion capabilities to create the perfect workflow for any business logic. Lightico’s form automation solution, eForms, offers a variety of features fit for your needs. Learn more at

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