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An introduction to the leading Digital Completion platform

Summary: Lightico’s Digital Completion platform fully automates and streamlines all the essential customer tasks that end up breaking our journeys. Mobile-first eSignatures, eForms, document collection, ID verification and more ensure customers finish last-mile tasks in record time.

What Does Lightico Do?

Lightico has spent years developing mobile capabilities to help companies bring more customer journeys to completion. Today, we have tools that span the entire customer lifecycle — from selling, to onboarding, to servicing. Signing a document, filling out a form, uploading documents, getting ID verified — all of those interactions have something in common: they’re powered by Lightico in one seamless workflow. But what exactly is Lightico? The short answer: Lightico is a Digital Completion platform used by hundreds of businesses and thousands of agents worldwide to digitize and expedite customer journeys. We’re known for our eSignature solution, but that’s just scratching the surface. We go beyond eSignatures and allow companies to digitize entire customer workflows. Instead of being sent off to different channels, customers can easily finish all tasks within a single session. Customers upload, sign, approve, and pay with just a tap and swipe on their phone and finish all required tasks as a natural continuation of their digital journey. What used to take days, even weeks to finish now takes literally a few minutes. No more chasing customers. No more frustrating do-overs. No more deals stuck in no-man’s-land. With Lightico’s Digital Completion platform, companies close more deals, complete more requests, and achieve their goals in record time. All while delivering an unforgettable customer experience. More completion means more business. But it’s much more than that. Think of where we’re headed — a world where everything our customers touch is digital. Lightning fast engagements, deeply intuitive experiences, all available anywhere, anytime, on any device. We can’t afford to let our business be held back in a world that’s in fast-forward. With Lightico, it doesn’t have to. Leading Fortune 1000 companies are already using Lightico to take completion into the digital-first future. To make completion their competitive advantage.

Powerful Digital Capabilities to Complete More Customer Journeys

Lightico offers a wide array of digital capabilities. The process can be initiated with a live agent who offers guidance, or accessed through self-service. The platform can be used with an API if desired to enable a more seamless journey for agents, but this isn’t mandatory. Unlike many solutions on the market, we specialize in serving B2C companies. We are built for businesses that experience high volumes of interactions, where speedy turnaround time is prized. That’s why all of the capabilities described below were developed natively for mobile, and are based on HTML.
  • eSignatures
    • Lightico’s eSignatures allow customers to sign any document by simply swiping or typing. It’s made for mobile, so that unlike many other solutions on the market, customers can effortlessly provide consent from anywhere. Lightico’s eSignature also provides support for multiple users to add an eSignature, either simultaneously or at different times.
  • ID Verification
    • With ID verification, companies can verify customer ID remotely. Customers simply snap a picture of their photo ID, take a selfie, and send them for automatic verification. This takes the hassle out of KYC, with near-perfect accuracy rates. Lightico offers additional identity verification tools including multi-factor authentication (MFA), and authentication based on collecting phone number, social security number, and date of birth.
  • Document Collection
    • Stop chasing customers for emails, scans, and papers. And save time by collecting any document, such as proof of address or proof of income straight from customers’ phones. With Lightico’s document collection, customers simply snap and submit a photo of the documents using their cell phone camera.
  • eForms
    • Here at Lightico, we were fed up with clunky, hard-to-fill out PDF forms. Mobile-native HTML forms ensure effortless and error-free form submission. Conditional logic is baked in, allowing admins to set up business rules that hide or reveal fields based on customer inputs. With eForms, businesses see on average a 50% increase in completion rates, and 80% faster form fill time.
  • T&C Consent
    • Consumers are often required to listen to Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) read aloud by the agent along with compliance scripts over a phone call. Unfortunately, this leads to customers disengaging or misunderstanding what is being read to them. With Lightico’s instant T&C consent form, customers simply receive digital T&Cs to their phone and consent with the tap of a finger. An audit trail ensures full compliance.
  • Payments
    • With Lightico’s PCI-compliant payments, companies collect customer payments quickly, securely, and remotely. Customers instantly complete payment without exposing payment information to the agent. Payment is processed securely with a fully compliant audit trail, transaction ID, and receipt.
  • Automated Workflows
    • String together any and all of the above capabilities to create a seamless frontend workflow. With the Lightico Workflow tools, company admins can build and design automated workflows that bring together different Lightico elements into one unified customer interaction. Complex business logic and conditions can be built into these workflows, allowing admins to determine the steps in the flow based on inputs by customers, agents, or an API.
  • Visual Cart
    • Visual Cart is a product designed especially for telesales. It allows agents to dynamically compile and share orders with customers for better buy-in. Customers receive a text message with a link to their order summary. They can review and approves the visual order summary, agree to the terms, and complete the purchase.
  • Shared Review
    • With Shared Review of customer documents, there’s no room for error or misunderstanding. Customers and agents can co-review and mark up specific parts of the document to clarify queries or contracts collaboratively.
  • Media Sharing
    • Share product images, links, and info to the customer’s phone — while speaking with them on a call. Your customer also has the option to share any images with the agent. This makes it significantly easier for customers to purchase the exact product they want, with limited effort or confusion. With real-time Media Sharing, average handling time is reduced, and the customer experience improves.

So, How Does It Actually Work?

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="" loop="true"][/video]   Lightico’s Digital Completion platform consists of digital customer-facing capabilities. They can be used as point solutions or together as part of an automated workflow. Customers can initiate sessions via self-service or via real-time collaboration with an agent. The platform can be used as a standalone or with an API, which offers greater functionality. The Digital Completion platform is fully cloud-based and relies on AWS secured data centers.  

Who We Are

Lightico was founded by a group of friends: CEO Zviki Ben-Ishay, COO Omri Braun, CTO Justin Josh, and R&D Team Leader Vladimir Levin. Having worked in a product capacity at companies developing call center technology, Zviki was deeply familiar with the problem of prolonged and choppy customer journeys. Our success is built on the hard work of developers, solution specialists, and industry experts who are committed to making customer-facing processes seamless and compliant. picture1

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The most helpful thing about Lightico is the fast turnaround time, The upside is that you are giving your customer an easy way to respond quickly and efficiently. Lightico has cut work and waiting time as you can send customer forms via text and get them back quickly, very convenient for both parties.

"Great Service and Product"

I love the fact that I can send or request documents from a customer and it is easy to get the documents back in a secured site via text message. Our company switched from Docusign to Lightico, as Lightico is easier and more convenient than Docusign, as the customer can choose between receiving a text message or an email.