Platinum Auto Finance Slashes its Time to
Funding by 80% with Lightico

80% Faster
Time to Funding
Deal Time
Cut By 4 Days


Platinum is a regional auto lender handling hundreds of deals a month via dealerships and servicing thousands of existing customers directly. Platinum needs to collect missing stips, signatures and driver’s licenses from customers to fund new loans. It also needs to collect ACH, deferment and third-party authorization forms and signatures from existing customers to service them efficiently.


Platinum relied on outdated processes such as snail mail, email, fax, printing and scanning to collect the required forms, signatures and stips. This was slow and inconvenient for dealers and customers, taking a week to fund loans and service customers and damaging Platinum’s reputation.  To remain competitive, the firm needed a solution to simplify service and speed up deal processes.

"Since implementing Lightico’s solution, Platinum’s deal time has been slashed by 4 days. This allows the services team to be more efficient and resolve all customer requests immediately, so we can live up to our core value of putting customers first."

Armando Hidalgom
Director of Servicing, Platinum Auto Finance


Platinum implemented Lightico’s Digital Completion platform for customer interactions, which enabled their reps to instantly collect stips, forms, signatures and documents via text message on the customer’s mobile phone. Using Lightico’s intuitive interface, customers upload photos of their utility bills and driver’s license as easily as taking a selfie. Lightico converted clunky paper forms into easily-fillable mobile forms which can be signed on the spot with a simple finger swipe. Since adopting the technology, reps no longer have to spend their valuable time chasing missing stips and reworking incorrectly completed forms. As a result, time to funding has been reduced from a week to a day and customer servicing is much more efficient.

Key Results

Thanks to Lightico’s seamless customer workflows, Platinum can now fund customers within a day and service existing customers instantly, without directing them to scan, print and fax documents and forms. Platinum’s customers are happy, and dealers love working with Platinum.

Accelerate Turnaround Times
with Lightico