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With ever-growing regulatory requirements, it’s imperative to find ways to simplify client onboarding. Lightico’s eKYC and ID&V solution empowers financial institutions with a customer-friendly way to comply with the most stringent regulations.

Thanks to real time client collaboration like calculators and repayment schedules, reps can tailor solutions to exactly match customer needs. Even when customers are on the go, agents can progress opportunities and provide customized solutions to serve their clientele.

Businesses can capitalize on these client opportunities by seamlessly offering legally binding digital signature and immediate payment processing. Businesses can onboard and activate accounts while on a call.

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In-call tools make it easy to complete all associated paperwork before hanging up the phone.

Automate document collection and electronic signature collection to free time for further prospecting

  • Improve closure rate
  • Slash time-consuming follow-up
  • Speed onboarding
  • Initiate new campaign seamlessly
  • Provide live system support
  • Complete eKYC instantly
  • Immediate ID&V
  • eSign forms
  • Real time calculations
The instant eKYC solution has meant we no longer lose accounts because of incomplete documentation. All forms and compliance issues are completed with the customer in real time. No waiting and chasing. That’s meant we’ve cut our incomplete by 90% and sped up compliance fulfillment by 8 days
Sami Taleh
Newcom Finance Head of Advisory Services

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