Product Automate - Lightico

Do it yourself sequences - no development required

Connect multiple high-impact tools into an automated wizard for seamless execution

Do it yourself sequences - no development required

Combine common tasks into a seamless automated flows

Complete KYC with identification & documentation collection

Automate renewals with customized order forms, eSignatures and payment flows.

Campaign management

Schedule, launch and complete salesflows at scale

  • Initiate sales tasks without burning valuable sales time. Have sales flows auto-execute according to predetermined campaign rules

  • Set campaigns to run with different segments based on their own cadence like renewals, special events, and monthly reminders

  • Perform A/B testing on campaigns to improve your campaign performance

Rich API

Initiate sales-flows from any touchpoint including website, IVR, CRM and more

  • Launch sales flows from your most common channels to accelerate sales funnels across core touchpoints like website, IVR and CRM.

  • Open new channels and accelerate lead nurturing with API across both owned and partner marketing assets

Detailed Analytics

Identify areas for improvement that make the best use of your reps efforts. Fine tune & optimize

  • Measure sales flows in real time and benchmark processes and reps across reps

  • Conduct realtime A/B analysis to improve campaign effective

  • Track and report on the days of saved sales efforts and the associated bottom line impact

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