Customer Experience Improving Platform

Maximise your customer attention and service customers everywhere

Ignite customer calls by adding intuitive digital experiences that complete service and sales

Grab & hold

customer's attention

  • Instant Mobile Web Application
  • Real-time connections
  • Intuitive IM-like interface

Close on the 1st call

1 call & done

  • Visual Catalogue
  • Collaboration Canvas
  • Documentation Box
  • Digital Signatures
  • Instant Payment Processing

Automate repetitive tasks

Accelerate your pipeline

  • Flow wizard
  • Campaign management
  • Rich API
  • Detailed Analytics

Lightico’s Platform

In-call collaboration platform that accelerates your entire contact center's performance

  • Enterprise-Grade Platform

    scales with your team

  • Robust

    Functionality that serves sales organizations of any size.

  • Industry-leading

    Adheres to leading standards, compliance, permissions & security


The most advanced digital capabilities in your own agent environment

  • Powerful APIs that seamlessly integrate to any operational system
  • Built-in integration to all leading CRM platforms
  • Can be hosted within any call-center agent desktop
  • Automation from any touchpoint (IVR, Web, ACD, etc.)

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