Across industries, agents spend far too much time dragging and dropping fields into digital forms. This can hinder efficiency and productivity, especially when multiple pages or multiple signatories are involved. It’s also unnecessary given that documents often have the same requirements from customers: signature, date, and perhaps contact information. To solve for this efficiency gap, Lightico built predefined overlay templates that allow agents to add fields to ad-hoc documents with the mere click of a button.

Overlay Templates Use Cases

Overlay templates are especially useful when agents are working with different companies or different documents that require similar elements. That’s because regardless of the document type, signatures and dates will be always placed on the same location. Here are some of the most common use cases Lightico customers have found for overlay templates:
  • Approving quotes generated from a CPQ
  • Insurance policies from carriers: An insurance broker that works with different carriers can use overlay templates to standardize procedures across carriers and policies.
  • Loan agreements
  • Purchase orders: Same format that’s generated by an external CPQ

Why Overlay Templates?

Overlay templates will significantly help customer-facing businesses eliminate the issues that are prevalent with manually configured digital forms. These templates help:
  1. Remove mundane repetitive agent work to put the signature on multiple pages
  2. Avoid agent errors
  3. Collect additional customer information through a wizard, which cannot be done using a simple ad-hoc document
  4. Easily collect customer details in one click

How Overlay Templates Work

Lightico enables companies to generate overlay templates that can be added to any document from the same third-party system on an ad-hoc basis. Signature lines, dates, and other fields can be programmed to be inserted in the same position on all documents so there’s no need for the agent to manually drag and position them each time. This can be a significant time-saver, particularly on multi-page documents or documents that need consent from several parties.

How it Works

  1. Admin creates a template, which is a layout with all the elements (e.g., signature, phone number, and date fields) that can be used on future documents
  2. The agent adds the third-party document to the session
  3. The agent adds the overlay template
  4. The customer and agent can then complete and sign the document in a Lightico session

KPIs Impacted & Business Impact

Overlay templates can significantly cut down on the total turnaround time for transactions as customer information is collected quickly without extra backend work. It also helps reduce agent error because elements cannot accidentally be removed by the agent or forgotten. Finally, overlay template boosts the overall agent experience as they allow agents to enjoy an automated field generating experience and the flexibility to add their own elements in addition to the preconfigured ones.

How to Set It Up

To set up the overlay function, configure your document in Shared Items and tick the Layout checkbox before Saving. Next, from the Agent homescreen, add a document Ad-hoc by clicking on the green paperclip. Your file browser will open up for selecting a pdf to upload. Make your selection. Lightico will open a new window with the document in place and a toolbar will appear. Select Overlay Template. Your saved format will appear.

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